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cool of them to drink good belgian beer (at the end). too bad they can't drink. lol!

Well, Bioware has kept my allegiance through KotOR, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect, but I must admit that my favorite game is TES: Oblivion and I greatly enjoy the Fallout series and Skyrim. If I was forced to choose I'd say that Bioware, when they give it an effort, puts together a better game, though Bethesda has nearly refined their main mechanic to a mirror shine.
For my vote, I'll go Bioware, but only by a hair. Both are masters of the RPG, but for different reasons.

Am I the only person who really liked Dragon Age 2 quite a bit? The world seemed more coherent, like things happening somewhere at some time can have major effects elsewhere or later. Plus, good writing, choices with more complex options than 'good' or 'douchebag', and a pretty good character progression system as you gain levels. By comparison, I played Fallout 3 a little while ago and it annoyed me that I started at Level 1 with the "Shoot Guns" combat ability and never really got any new combat tricks. Realistic? Maybe. Fun? Not really for me. And I'm more interested in fun when playing video games. If I wanted realism that badly, I'd skip the games and just stay in reality.
So, yeah, put me down as a vote for Bioware, whoever's keeping score.

i see a major flaw in this debate.

both developers suck :3

I'd go with Bethseda. Now I kinda wished I had made a video, no offense but I could have made one of better quality, this was a good debate and they had a great topic but it was a little dry.

Okay well to be honest, I personally prefer Bethesda, but I think the guy arguing Bioware did a better job... So I say BIOWARE for the win on that one.

The reason I prefer Bethesda from a role playing perspective, is that I look at role playing from the tabletop RPG perspective, and in a tabletop RPG the DM finds a way to get from the characters back stories to a place where they all meet, throws one or two encounters their way, to allow for character bonding, and then says.... okay now what do you do? and from there the characters get to move the story along through their actions JUST AS MUCH as the DM does when he/she throws various characters, items, locations your way.

Isn't the Bethesda X Bioware love child be Rockstar Studio?

I mean look at Red Dead Redemption.

Bethesda all the way. They go out of their way to create a massive and detailed game knowing that most players won't experience those details.

They are both wrong Black Isle made the best RPGs.

For me, a good RPG has always been about a good story and your party, two things BioWare knows how to do. Even though I love Skyrim to death, BioWare makes better RPGs.
Also, really liked the debate, felt casual and relaxed and the accents were awesome.

Wow did not expect this to be won by people I know (albeit friends of a friend).

Regarding the actual debate; I couldn't pick I like both developers, sometimes I like being led around a well thought out story driven experience. Other times I just want to be given a sword and told to "go nuts".

Honestly, I think a debate on which of them pisses more people off would be better.

At 50 seconds into the video, Phil explains that the point of their debate is "to see who makes the best RPG games." Considering that neither BioWare nor Bethesda makes genuinely good RPGs these days, is it safe to say there's no right answer in this debate?

After all, any sensible "best RPG developer" debate should really be between the likes of Black Isle, Troika, Obsidian, CDProjekt, and Piranha Bytes (among others, no doubt) -- studios who actually do make good RPGs and not shallow, watered-down "RPG Lite" games.

Yeah, I'm waiting for a game master to say: "Okay, you're a group of great warriors and your quest is to save the universe." instead of "You just wake up in a tavern with a hangover, you don't remember much."

That's the difference between bioware and bethesda.

You rang?

Yeah...I definitely have to agree, though more in the "specific story arc vs. open world do anything" aspect.

Well, as I entered the contest too, I don't know if I can form an unbiased opinion about the debate. But good on them for winning.

As for the topic, I'm gonna have to go with Bethesda. Bioware is great at building universes. You can't deny that the Mass Effect universe is amazing and the world of Baldur's Gate was rich with history. But that's sort of my problem with them. My first few hours with Mass Effect 2 (oh the pain of owning only a PS3) was spent reading a codex, trying to get up to speed with the lore they had created. I never even finished Dragon Age because the lore never grabbed my attention. Other than a plotline that tied directly to my character's history, I just didn't care.

Bethesda wins simply for FallOut New Vegas. Never have I felt so powerful in a video game. Not that the courier is a god or anything, but EVERYTHING you do has some weight on the world as a whole. When I finally beat the game and had all the characters narrate what had happened after the battle at Hoover Dam, I got chills. Such a phenomenal game.

I am a blood mage and command this thread to rise again.
Fallout New Vegas doesn't count Obsidian made it Beth published it.
Edit: Oh and While I am at it. Bioware wins. They have better Characters and betters stories. Both Bethesda and Bioware make interesting worlds though, but it is the people in the world that make you feel attached to it and Bioware is good at making great personalities(even if everyone in Mass Effect did have daddy issues).

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