Trailers: World of Tanks - British Tanks Trailer

World of Tanks - British Tanks Trailer

See the tanks that were used to battle Rommel and his ilk.

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Looks like I'm reinstalling WoT.

Finally... I still don't understand why French tanks got in there first though.

then again, a good thing to see the Brits in there too now.

That trailer felt like a weird fallout trailers, maybe it was the music, but im not sure including tanks would be fair inclusion into fallout.

tea will be shed...

when will we get the experimental tanks during WW1 and WW2?
like the M15A tank

or the jagdleopard tank

As someone who's been playing the game since the Beta was first released (which was what, 2010?) I can only say -

Time to put the kettle on. Tea needs to be brewed.
The French were fun and unique, but I love British tanks more.

after checking the tank tree, thank god they didn't give us Little Willie as the starting tank. This was the prototype for the ww1 tanks we're talking about.

Still its only a basic tech tree released so far, but their also expanding the french tank tree so I expect that they'll soon have more added.

Jolly good show! I can't wait to give the British tanks a spin. Here's the initial tech tree:

It's going to be a fun selection indeed if they're as enjoyable as the Lend Lease Tetrarch and Churchill that I currently own.

Anybody know if this game has the Swedish S-Tank? I saw it on a show about tanks and I've been fascinated by it ever since.

Fun Fact: The singer of "We'll meet again", Dame Vera Lynn, is still alive today, she's 95.

*le snip

You had me at "Black Prince"

Semi-related: Any escapists here play on the EU server? I'm getting a bit fed up of tacticless pick up games or being team killed for being English.

Man alive have I ever been waiting for this. Come on Comet tank! :D



The M3 wouldn't be such a joke anymore. :P

'bout 'at time, eigh chaps? Righto guv, stiff upper lip, and let's get the bloody blaggards!

In all seriousness I'm super excited to get my own Crusader and Centurion. I have should have enough free XP for them, and they're both on the same tech tree. I initially wanted the tier-10 tank, but I'd rather make this my tier-9/10 medium.


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