No Right Answer: Best Standup Comedian Ever

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since u guys limited it to yankees id say bill hicks

Out of these two George Carlin. Carlin was funny no matter what he did. Cosby might have been funny for some things but his stand up is horrible. I've watched some of his stand up and I didn't found it funny.

The best Comedian though? That's a hard one I mean Carlin is up there but you also got Robin Williams(his stand up is funny as hell), Richard Pryor, and so many more. To choose my favorite I have to go with Bill Hicks. Its sad that he died so young.

Robin Williams

Of the two, Carlin.

Given totally free choice, much harder. Either Demetri Martin, Bo Burnham, or Eddie Izzard. Can't really decide since I love them all.

LENNY BRUCE! The man who censorship killed.

Judging on a strictly Laughs-Per-Minute basis, for me it's between Chris Rock, Louis C.K and Eddie Izzard.

I don't like Robin Williams because he tends to ramble a bit for my taste, and I don't like Carlin's newer work because it gets a bit preachy, religion and government etc.

Chris and Louis have a pretty structured show, but if Eddie does he hides it very well and it looks like he's winging it.

If it were me, I'd have gone Chris Titus (Neverlution was HILARIOUS) versus Lewis Black (Black on Broadway is a classic). Cosby and Carlin are both good (I laughed at both "I started out as a Child" and "Himself" a lot), but Titus and Black are better.

I don't know this Eddie Izzard people keep mentioning (at least not by name). I may have to look him up! :)

Carlin. Cosby stopped being funny in the mid-90s. Carlin's still funnier despite no longer being with us.

Eddie Izzard

"dirty words that you can't say on tv or radio... or the escapist"
...unless you're british

Going with Carlin. Cosby's funny noises, faces, and word jumbles alone aren't comedy for me. Plus, I'm bugged by his personal grudge against Dave Chappelle. How about Billy Connolly? He dominated stand up in Europe in the 70's and 80's and is still going. We wouldn't have Eddie Izzard or Craig Ferguson without his influence. Sam Kinison needs a mention too.

Between the two Cosby. I hadn't even heard of Carlin until a couple of years ago.

George motherfuckin' Carlin, no contest.

Bill Cosby is just plain boring. Making weird noises and obsessing over jello and jazz does not make good comedy.

There is no answer to this question. It's one of those things where everyone has their own completely different opinions and everyone treats their own as if it's irrefutable fact. But it's one of the most subjective things out there, along with music.

I like George Carlin but not that much. From what I've seen his material doesn't seem to be that varied.

Well here's 3 of my favorites from Carlin

He also had 20 or so minutes devoted to airline announcements

Between Carlin and Cosby, I'd go with Cosby. Carlin was great for his time, but personally I find his comedy pretty bland now. Cosby will be timeless forever. In 100 years, do you think people will remember the 10 commandments bit? Or chocolate pudding?

Outside of the two, I'd say Louis CK.

The 2 commandments bit? Sure I can remember part of it

"Coveting keeps the economy going, your neighbor buys a dildo that plays 'Oh Come all Ye Faithful', you wanna get one too"

And his routine on stuff is probably more memorable than chocolate pudding.

Cosby was more accessible, he's permeated more of the culture, and he did it all without cussing.

Carlin got famous cussing. I know there's more to him than that, but... eh? He's funny when he's just observing and digging really deep, but he didn't have as good a "flow" as Cosby did. But some of the stuff he did when he was an old man was pretty gold. When he wasn't just flat out insulting those who didn't agree with him. And all the Todds.

I know a lot of people think Cosby is boring, but he wasn't so much a stand up comedian as far as today's standards go. He told a bunch of stories, slowly, weaving humor in slowly. Watch Bill Cosby Himself and watch how he does two bits that are quicker and punchier, then goes into the rest of the stories and just builds and builds and builds on them. You get some laughs in the beginning, but then just a giggle here and there, a good laugh when the smaller stories wrapped within the narrative, but by the end? Everything he says is satisfyingly hilarious, but those jokes took time to get to and build. Carlin couldn't do that. He just got to the point, which has its place, but it is far more rewarding to build up slow.

Based on the amount of influence they brought to comedy, I have to go with Carlin on this one...

My current favorites (in no particular order);

Aziz Ansari
Mitch Hedgeberg
Gabriel Iglesias
Christopher Titus
Lewis Black

Dylan Moran is in the running to becoming one of the best comedians around.

Bill Bailey is also up there, as is Bill Hicks, Carlin and Robin Williams (his live at the Met is funnier than most comedians can ever hope to be in a full length career).

Billy Connolly! Always funny,great story teller,great one liners and great observational humor Best...stand...up...comic....EVER! o_O

Between the two? Carlin hands down.

As far as best comedians over all, removing the standup from the equation, I think it would be Jon Stewart.

But again its all subjective. There are a lot of good comedians out there, Chris Rock, Louis CK, John Mulaney, Bill Burr(Who I'm surprised nobody has mentioned yet,) Tina Fey, Steven Colbert, Tim Minchin, Mitch Hedberg, Daniel Tosh, Aziz Ansari, Christopher Titus. And there are so many varying styles that its really pretty impossible to say one person is the best.

Edit: As an aside(not that I have stock in the company or anything) but Pandora does comedy as well. Most people I talk to aren't aware, but you can type in Carlin or Cosby or whoever and it will play tracks from their comedy CDs and comedians who have similar styles. Pretty cool stuffs.

As many have said before me, I prefer Carlin to Cosby. As far as free choice goes, I'd throw Eddie Izzard, Craig Campbell and Dana Alexander into the ring.

Lee Mac or Rich Hall for me, both tremendously quick witted.

I don't really know much about either of them and I think comedians are a very varied thing that don't translate well country to country. Most stand-up comedians in the UK tend be British.

But I feel these two were still a good selection, there's something more to them than just the stand up ness

Carlin hands down, if you see all his shows through the years you see so much change in attitude towards relegion and politics

Really good on human behaviour and domestics.

Didn't see so much Cosby sadly.

If it were me, I'd have gone Chris Titus (Neverlution was HILARIOUS) versus Lewis Black (Black on Broadway is a classic). Cosby and Carlin are both good (I laughed at both "I started out as a Child" and "Himself" a lot), but Titus and Black are better.

I don't know this Eddie Izzard people keep mentioning (at least not by name). I may have to look him up! :)

Titus is at it's best regarding Domestics especially Dis functional Families he has that nailed down. Neverlution is sharp but lacks the edge but maybe because it's really political and so many comedians say about the same things with kind of they same humor.

Best shows of Titus is Love is evol, End of the World and his best which you see allot of material back in his Sitcom he had Norman Rockwell is bleeding. I find him almost as fearless as George Carlin probably due to Papa Titus.

Damn it i Miss that show.

Most of george carlin's standup from the 90s was visibly fueled by cocaine.

As to cosby.

Pudding and the pudding and the eat the pudding.

Worst Best Of ever.

out of the two, i'd have to say Carlin, but as has been mentioned in previous comments, the late great Bill Hicks blows both of them out of the water.

my top 5?

Bill Hicks
Eddie Izzard
George Carlin
Bill Bailey
Billy Connolly

Bill Cosby

I'm going for Cosby!

George Carlin is the best comedian EVER.

Gotta go with George Carlin. Sorry Bill, you're great, just, there can only be one.

Best stand up ever? Misleading question since each builds upon the past. You find a straight line from George and Gracie through to Stephen Wright and Mitch Hedberg. Before there was Robin Williams, he learned from Jonathan Winters that zany improv style. Lenny Bruce provided the inspiration for Carlin and Hicks, and sadly Hicks took it down the rabbit hole Carlin was able to distance himself from his darker topics with a "but what do you do about it" attitude. Abbot and Costello give you the great wordplay and observational comedians about the everyman that cosby does so well (along with seinfeld and larry david), talking about his childhood and the characters he knew to his days as a father, had a huge influence on 80's and 90's sitcom writing and bringing black comedians out of the amos and andy past into a mainstream acceptance, where Pryor focused on the conflict, Cosby made it a non-issue.

Best standup ever? EVERYONE will have a different favorite.

Cosby's bit about going to the Dentist is funnier than anything Carlin has done.

Most of george carlin's standup from the 90s was visibly fueled by cocaine.


And Carlin was active before and after the 90s. Hell he did an HBO special the year he died (2008)

George Carlin. I've also seen Bill Cosby live and would say he's a great story teller, but not a great stand up comedian.

For everyone who didnt say Louis CK, HEATHENS! Nothing against you personally, just that you are wrong.

And to everyone who said Louis CK, well done. Your prize is retroactive, I will implant the idea of Louis CK in your mind so that you go and find out about him in the first place... you are welcome!

Little Red cook book, little red cook book lol

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