Trailers: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - E3 Trailer

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - E3 Trailer

Doctor Watson takes us into the dark recesses of Sherlock Holmes.

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I absolutely love Sherlock Holmes, I even love House and Sherlock, and even kinda liked the Downey Jr. movie (not the second one...) but I have yet to play a good Sherlock Holmes video game.

And nothing about this trailer makes me think this is going to be the game that changes that. I'd love to be wrong, but we'll have to wait and see.

Maybe I have been spending too much time on the "Gay Superheroes" thread, but "Into the dark recesses of Sherlock Holmes" just strikes me as somewhat... problematic phrasing...

Somehow I doubt this is going to be a success. I liked the trailer but I think it will get old pretty fast. It is probably just going to be another point and click mystery game. With a side of interactive story telling. And for desert some shoddy game mechanics. Because these games are always like that. Even if they made the game 'right' then it still wouldn't be a huge success I think. These kind of games are not what the general public likes to play. I could be wrong. I often am. We will see?

captcha: until tomorrow (I swear the captcha system is getting sentient)

This looks quite good compared to vs JAck the Ripper .


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