Trailers: Zeno Clash II - E3 Trailer

Zeno Clash II - E3 Trailer

You better not put mother and father in a cage, she seems pretty serious about this point.

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I think it's "father-mother", not mother and father.

Anyway, it's good that they're making a sequel. The first title was pretty unique in its own way.

Also, goddamnit France what is wrong with you.

The first game was weird as hell and this trailer is weird as hell.
I might just get the second game to see how much weirder they can get.

YES! We need more weird games like this. Admited, the first one was super short and had it´s flaws, but the game play mechanics were right.
As far as imagination is concerened this is among the most unique games.

Hopefully they put out a PC Version, too.


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