Trailers: Halo 4 - Live Action E3 Trailer

Halo 4 - Live Action E3 Trailer

Halo 4 looks like a pretty intimidating situation. Glad I don't live in the future.

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So... Reapers, anyone?

Also, where are they? It looks like a damned Forerunner world, but I guess we're supposed to assume that humanity jumped decades ahead in technology, even while rebuilding a decimated empire? I mean, I'm pretty sure we weren't even supposed to have that many soldiers left after the war. We sent everything to the Ark, and it was only, like, three ships.

time 1:41 samual 'mother fucking; jackson

From this trailer it looks like it'd be a damn good movie so can't wait to see what the game is like!

Looks like someone has a case of Mass Effect envy. Also, "ancient evil awakens" - always wanted to know who would win in a fight: Master Chief or Cthulhu.

The Halo trek Enterprise...


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