Trailers: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Blacklist

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell : Blacklist

Sam needs to extract an captured operative.

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Sam dyed his hair and got a vocal chord change? Hard to tell if this is going to be any good without gameplay footage. I hope it'll be better than the travesty that was Conviction. Fingers crossed.

So Sam looks younger than he did in Splinter Cell: Conviction and sounds different, huh. Well the trailer was certainly cool, but after how bad Splinter Cell: Conviction was I'll be waiting for gameplay footage.

Showing what looks to be an escort mission as your reveal trailer? Gutsy move.

Woah woah woah!
Where the fuck is Ironside?!

It's probably Sam Fischer's relative/son or something. But all I know is I'm going to miss Michael Ironside's voice acting.

Let's wait and see.

I don't normally say this about voice actors, but no Ironsides, no deal.

Did Sam's balls retract or something? If Michael Ironside isn't in this, I'm not playing. Not even if they give me the game for free.

I was also hoping they'd go back to real Splinter Cell, not the actiony should-have-been-a-spinoff Conviction. Safe to say that's not happening.

Once again looks like we'll be gunning down anyone in our path. I MISS the days when you had to be non-lethal in Splinter Cell.


Where's Michael Ironside? What are they doing? Why are they doing that?
Jesus Christ...

lost interest for this franchise since part 4. part 3 is still the best splinter cell. and WTF happened to sams voice??
not getting this either.

Take note Assassins Creed 3 trailer makers, this is how you show someone as a supersoldier and a stealth expert

"Welcome to Fourth Echelon". Nearly fell out of my chair.

Take note Assassins Creed 3 trailer makers, this is how you show someone as a supersoldier and a stealth expert

Assassin's aren't allowed to get away with not killing, stealth experts are.

And supersoldier? Sounds like a game I want to avoid.

Sam must have flunked Subtlety 101 at Splinter Cell's College.

No Ironside and appearantly a two player thing going on? Bah!

It's now official, they made a great stealth series into a generic run and gun third person shooter. Also yeah he's somehow younger now? and his voice is different as well? What, was Sam not generically pretty enough for video games or something? I'm really starting to dislike the trend where every character looks like a super model.

I guess I won't be buying this one. I really liked Conviction even if it was REALLY low on the stealth scale. I liked it mainly because of the narrative and Ironside was just phenomenal in it. This one just seems way too over the top. Meh.

Goodbye Splinter Cell, it was nice knowing you. Conviction made me so sad, and this trailer does nothing to make me think they're getting away from that shitty formula for a "stealth" game.


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