Trailers: Persona 4: Golden - Opening Animation

Persona 4: Golden - Opening Animation

It's so happy, well at least before the murders start.

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Didn't like it at first but fuck, it's catchy as hell, now I can't stop!

Love how this trailer makes a very grim and dark game look like a bundle of happy, happy fun. The game is funny as hell and is lighter in tone than Persona 3 was but the story is still dark as hell and even the majority of the social links aren't all happy (Yumi anyone?)

Still hyped, can't wait.

Da fuck? That was one trippy trailer, I almost got a headache from watching it but yeah... the game should be good.

Persona 4 was a great game, but i would rather see Persona 5 instead.

Ah yes, perfect time for obligatory Persona User Group link!

Join us, we have free evokers for all!

OT: Already had the opening posted in the group, it's been in there for a week or two now.

lol at being ahead of the curve.


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