Trailers: Wizardry Online - E3 Trailer

Wizardry Online - E3 Trailer

On the bright side, at least you won't have to worry about repairing the durability on your items.

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Way to murder a series I've been hoping to see again

30 years in the making? Is that why it looks like it could run on a Nintendo 64? Hell it looks like it runs on commodore 64.

Also of note, perma death in an MMORPG, is always a bad idea. No hardcore gamer can ever hide the fustration of loosing a character you worked hard on.

Ok, I realize that its not going to be the same as Wizardry was way back on the Apple IIe... but the trailer didnt capture the same feeling as the originals, not even remotely.


"Hell yeah!" :D



*Sees trailer*


A game trailer has to try really hard to turn me off as much as that one did... Nothing, looked appealing in that.

How many folks remember playing Wizardry and on realizing your last character was about to die, reached back and flipped off the power, negating a couple hours of play in a last ditch effort to save them all.

Considering that was one of the only things which kept me from dropping the disk into a shredder, I don't expect I'll be playing this thing for long..

..but damned if I won't be playing it when it comes out, just based on the name alone.

It's almost sad.

Hardcore mode in an MMO is not going to work. If you spend a year or two on a character only to have it deleted, where's your customer loyalty then?


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