Trailers: Zone of Enders: HD Collection - Opening Animation

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Lord Beautiful:
I'm pretty disappointed by this. It was slow, the action wasn't all that great, it felt way too silly, and what the shit was that weird Orb of Fanserviceness that Ken passed to Leo and stuff?

Oh yeah, and what's with the really gratuitous fanservice? If I wanted to see naked anime chicks, I'd look up hentai like a normal person.

Does this mean we might a get a third one?

You saw this article, right?

Nope, I missed that article completely, thanks!

And yeah, the movie is a little off putting, but I doubt we'll see any huge changes in HD remastered collection.


Khanht Cope:
Nice to see an original trailer, though it doesn't compare to the original one for ZOE2 IMO. It doesn't do the tempo/speed of the games any justice. Check that out if you'd like perhaps a few minor answers and a myriad more questions:

Also; why in the **** is Ken naked in this new trailer? It has nothing to do with anything.

Because breasts? Although I'm sure the internet has had naken Ken pics waaaaaaaaaay before Konami.

Damn, ninja'd! Although I was gonna go with 'bewbs'.

OT: I've never played the games before so I have no way to compare if this looks better or worse...or if this was part of the game? (Although by the comments, I can guess it wasn't)

I'm not really a fan of mecha fighting and space adventures and stuff. This is why I still prefer Dragon Age over Mass Effect, as flawed as it is. BUT! I can appreciate a good game so I might give it a try when it comes out if it's as awesome as everyone says.

Also, MGS Revengeance demo.

I realy want this.. like bad... does anyone know a promonent street corner.


Alright got that out of my system. Will always wonder what Kojima was thinking when he designed those cockpits.


Casual Shinji:


I wonder if he has some form of a prickly dilemma... Oh ho!

No really, that's what the first game is like; Wimpy boy finds super awesome death mech, but is vewy scared that he might kill someone, empasized by some traumatic event.

I'm not quite sure whether you got my Evangelion reference or not...

But this guy sounds quite wimpy.

It bugs me that Evangelion is the thing people think of instead of, you know, Gundam, which Z.O.E. has a lot more in common with. It's like when people think "Double Kill" comes from Halo.

Also everyone whose confused by Ken being randomly naked obviously is not familiar with anime. Not that it offers more understanding, it just makes it seem less weird because anime openings will commonly have random clips of their characters naked (with Sims/Barbie doll anatomy of course).

Be nice to of seen some gameplay to show what you can expect, i mean is it like mech warrior or armoured core or what?

Waaay faster, like the Gundam Anime fast, possibly faster. Also you can fly, at all times.


My only 'gripe' really is that they didn't add in 'Fist of Mars', even just a straight port, to the collection. Captcha: spick and span WOW...that's kind of racist, isn't?

what is the fist of mars?? Is that some spin off title for what GBA/DS/PSP???
was the ZOE anime any good either??

It's a turn-based strategy game for the GBA, pretty good.

Both anime/ova were worth the watch.

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