E3: Steve's Five Favorites

E3: Steve's Five Favorites

Stab-happy assassins and city management simulators are all part of Steve's top five E3 picks.

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Is there a hud in Tomb Raider? Does it have possibility for emergent game play like the afore mentioned Far Cry?

Does SimCity have to be online all the time? What if one want's to mess around? Does that also mean cheats are gone?

Any French people in ACIII yet? What, in your opinion, was it's most surprising new feature?

Has there been any more info on the 'zombies' in The Last of Us? Or even just pictures?

And I got nothin' for XCOM.

Sorry for only asking questions, unfortunately I couldn't get to E3 (big oceanic gap and such). :P
Was it fun nonetheless?

By far the game I'm most excited for is SimCity. Loved every one of the games (except Societies) and I've had a hankering for a nice city builder for years now. Hell, I've even played through some of Sierra's classics like Caesar and Zeus:Master of Olympus with Skyrim sitting on my HDD alone and unplayed.

I'm sick up to my eyeballs of shooters, first or third person variety ( Though Dishonoured looks awesome and I am looking forward for THAT. Devs from Half-Life and Deus Ex? Yes please!), or action/adventure games.

Never really got into XCOM, but I'll certainly give it a try, I'm cautiously optimistic I'll like it. Other than that not a single shred of interest for anything this E3.

I do indeed look forward to SimCity 5! Please don't be always online...please...my internet has a habit of crapping out...

I'm glad Tomb Raider made your list. The demo was definitely a highlight for me this year.

5th Tomb Raider image:

You're using a bow and arrow as a short range weapon? That's awkwardly too close!


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