Jimquisition: Why Do People Hate EA?

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Amazing episoe, put all my thoughts into one large show. :D It's all sooo true.

I used to think Acitivison was the worse of the two, but apparently EA didn't like losing at being the worst.

(also I would LOVE the shirt. :D)

EA are so fucked up, I genuinely wondered how Jim could fit all his complaints into a video less than a week long... I was also concerned that the last 3 minutes or so would be just Jim spouting off more and more creative and accurate insults for EA.

(I would like a gravity rush shirt please. Also, Jim is sexy. Also also, I am not a US resident but will happily set up a paypal, give Jim the money to cover the cost of sending said shirt to Blighty, and then a little bit more because he is sexy one of my role models and it would be awesome to get that shirt.)


Yeah I forget where that is and I need to find it again. At least there is google. Also sorry for the typos I was in a hurry.

Go to your Steam game library, find the game on the list to the left, right click, select properties, it is the button in the middle of the window.

I was a little surprised that you didn't bring up EA's advertising. I would of liked to hear your thoughts on the subject. Especially the Dead Space 2 and Dantes Inferno stunts.

Oh, also, "I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please - also Jim is sex." Hope your OK with getting such a compliment from another guy but your pretty good looking for a big man.
Thanks for all the entertaining episodes and, shirt or not, I'll be here next week to catch the next one.

EA... honestly I don't buy EA games... I hardly buy any games unless there's a fuck of a Steam sale or a humble indie bundle coming out. I have finite amounts of resources. And modern shooters, survival horror, and madden aren't really my thing.

In anticipation of posting a comment for the shirt. (I have no idea what gravity rush is, I just want to win a contest.) I researched EA's upcoming releases... And aside from the sleazy Sims 3 Diesel stuff pack (Oh joy! I get to pay you for some DLC that's just a goddamned fucking product placement) which seemed slimy; All that jumped at me was Another World. Honestly I like the concept, but the world already has a Second Life.

Honestly EA just seems slimy. It's the 70's used care salesman of video games; it will sell you a shit car that will break down in a month, invite you over to his house for a key party disguised as a dinner, then set it up so that your wife and him go off together so he can stick it in her butt.

(I would like a Gravity Rush shirt. Also Jim is sexy. And by sexy I mean I would probably tie him up and do various things to him that make him moan like a whore. And maybe go out for brunch the next day so long as they had a full bar.)

Episodes like this make me glad to have stumbled upon the Escapist, Jim Sterling with Moviebob, make this website seem like the NY Times of gamer magazines. Good episode Jim, I look forward to next week.

[I would like a Gravity Rush Shirt please! Also, Jim Sterling is the sexiest man alive!(Look I used real brackets! Not Parentheses :D )]

Why Do People Hate EA? (You win if you don't argue with me.)

Cuz people like you (Movie Bob/Jimquisition) tell them to.

Cuz people like to be different.

Cuz it's kewl to rage against the machine.

Cuz kids don't appreciate great games that are made for a profit.

Cuz you are spoiled with retro ideals that make no real argument when talking about real/new games?

Cuz it (again) makes you feel special?

Cuz you are blinded after a game is made, that you like.

Cuz you think everything should be free, cuz you're a dirty hippy?

Cuz you think something that makes you feel discomfort, is obviously evil, and wants to rape your Mother.

Cuz you just can't 'get along'.

Cuz you need hits on your posts/threads.

Cuz the 'Man" told you so.

Cuz it wasn't like this before.

Cuz Sober Thal is a troll...

Er... uhm...

What the hell is wrong with you all? Why can't you appreciate that which is good? Why do you have to dwell on the bad... Is it cause you are all trolls deep down? Do you think the industry are all trolls deep down?? Do you see me as a troll instead of just another voice that doesn't agree with you/the topic involved?


Why should we care about the masses? What have they ever done to help the rest of us??

Forum posters are the worst. They kill the games for the rest of us. Devs have to focus on monetary decisions for how they develop games. It's funny, cause that pisses you all off more than anything!


My opinion has, once again, been passed off as a drunken rant that makes no sense...

I'm glad you all can hate on this... I wouldn't have payed money for it if I hadn't read your silly opinions on it.

Max Pain (Payne) 3 is a good game. Thank you all for showing it to me, even tho your presentation was full of hate.

; )

EDIT: Nah, it's about DRM, DLC, Forum Bannings, Pricing, Corporate Quotes, Franchising....

All the things you could never be apart of, have any control over, arm chair quarterback decide, shiet.

I've always had a distaste for Activision ever since they took very wrong choices in I'76, Battlezone and finally the Jedi Knight series.
The last Activison game I "bought" happened to be Skylanders, and I only say that in quotes, because the wife got it as a Christmas present for the kids.
I also suppose I also did give them money back in 2009 for the X360 COD:MW2 holiday bundle. Between 2005 and 2009, I was all into World of Warcraft (and the other occasional RPG game)

Lets see, you gave me Wing Commander, C&C Burnout, Need For Speed and The Sims; non which I no longer play -- because you either don't make them anymore, or just developed retarded bastardized versions.
You did get some money and trust back with DA and the ME series (hell, 2008 looked fucking fantastic for you guys...), but as history has shown, you can't be trusted with popular publishers. As you seem to enjoy fucking them over for a quick buck instead of building that strong developer/fan loyalty. Lets see, are there any games you are currently making that I'm still mildly interested in? DA3, perhaps. But after you allowed ME3 to be fucked over, do I even dare even want to see how DA3 will turn out? You dragged a burned and naked corpse game called DA2 thru the streets. What makes us think that you won't treat DA3 with the same vulgarity.

Looking at my Amazon wish list, I see games from Bethesda, Rockstar, 2K Games, Square Enix and Ubisoft (and PC gamers, I understand your frustrations with them).
I've supported a few KickStarters, I buy indie PC games from Steam, and I'm looking forward to CD Projekt 'Cyberpunk'.

So yea, I think its going to be easy not to care about what EA does any more, nor give them my money.

I don't always see eye to eye with Jim, but this has got to be the best Jimquisition ever. "Pedophile Stalin" line nearly killed me.

It's soo true though. I was just thinking the other day that after the shit PR streak Activision underwent a few years ago (cause Kotick couldn't simply shut the fuck up), how the hell did EA manage to being the spotlight of hatred again? Seriously, Activision has just kept doing what they always did, but worse... You could set a litter of puppies on fire and still not look as demonic as Activision, so the fact that EA managed to steal the hate machine spotlight back is actually fucking impressive.

Funny part is, out of the two, Kotick was the one that learned his lesson: just shut the fuck up. All Activision has done is be quiet and let EA hang themselves. EA are the ones that can't seem to help it... It's uncanny.

Sober Thal:

EDIT: Nah, it's about DRM, DLC, Forum Bannings, Pricing, Corporate Quotes, Franchising....

All the things you could never be apart of, have any control over, arm chair quarterback decide, shiet.

The real problem I have with EA is that they caught me with a cracked copy of the sims on my computer and murdered my family in front of me.

Hyperbolic statements and blatant lies aside, I have to disagree with the quoted. The role of the customer in the free market blah blah blah blah blah. Honestly I've seen folks say they don't buy EA games. Which is all folks can do to stop it in the end.

Gamers are an entitled bunch. And EA has done some slimy moves. But at the end of the day a lot of the folks who have invested emotionally into their franchises will come back for whatever offerings have been made. And that's why EA probably won't change.

I never paid attention to when companies like activision and EA became so evil, but based on what you said they are pretty faiiilll.

[Me want shirt please, Jim is...sexy?]

That really should be Activision's Slogan, At Least We're Not EA. Really if you need a reason to hate EA how about they still buy up companies and ruin them and/or they force them to act as mouth pieces to make excuses for the bullshit they just put out and for pissing off every customer they have. Then EA turns around and says gamers shouldn't complain and websites echo that sentiment because they are such whores and don't want to loose that sweet advertisement money or kickbacks that EA and other companies give them.

The most obvious of these offenses was Kingdom of Amalur, EA put out this advertisement piece saying the game had over 200 hours because their game testers took 8 days to complete the game entirely. Wow sounds impressive until you do the math and find out there isn't even 200 hours in 8 freaking days only 192 if I remember correctly and then if you bother to look up government statics on the average work day you get a number closer to 65-85 hours which low and behold was the exact amount of time people spent finishing the entire game. If that wasn't bad enough it took someone pointing out that there aren't 200 hours in 8 days for every website to shit their pants and delete that blatant lie and insert a generic quote from EA about the games length. I'm proud to have been that person btw.

[I would like a shirt and Jim is ultra sexy. I can only hope to produce the amount of sexy he puts out in one hour in a single year. He is the single reason I can't get ladies because they look at me and say sorry you are anything like Jim (which is unfair BS). I tried to make a Powerpoint presentation to demonstrate the level of sexiness Jim has but it overloaded PowerPoint, Microsoft of course refused to pay for the damages claiming that i should have known making a power point presentation about Jim's sexiness is like making a power point presentation about Chuck Noris's awesomeness and that current generation computers simply can't handle it.

Then again why does anyone need a Powerpoint Presentation to point out what everyone knows to begin with. It is like trying to point out we're alive or gravity makes us all its bitch. Entirely self evident. So self evident they considered adding him to Rushmore in hopes that his Sexiness would rub off on all Americans but Rushmore doesn't have the density to support that much sexiness and would collapse causing landslides. Statue of Liberty was a great second option but same flaw, not strong enough frame to support the sheer amount of sexiness given off by Jim.

In all honesty in the future we will be reading poetic epics about Jim. Text books will be dedicated to attempting to achieve his level of sexiness and a religion will be founded upon his name because upon his death in less than 3 minutes as Jim doesn't do that three day lag bs, he rose into the heavens to make heaven more sexier.]

The only thing I hate more than EA. Is someone trying to defend them. No thanks on the shirt, its just a bit too, plain. Like alot of games these days. Get a nice hawaiian shirt going and I'll be excited. Besides which I'm about 250 miles north of the US so Region locks bite again. Your place in heaven is assured Jim, keep up the good fight!

You would think that EA would be cautious and sensitive to potential hacks, but when Origin sent me e-mails claiming that I changed my e-mail address, and I told them there could be a potential hack, the guy in the live chat was completely useless. He didn't even speak english. I saved the chat log here:


Just wanted to say that that was my favorite Jimquisition ever. Great work.


He had me at Bullfrog... -sob- I miss dungeon keeper, I miss Them hospital.
Same with Westwood... I miss the true Command & Conquer (Anything after TS is dumbed down and SHIT!)

The only EA titles I've bought in the last years were... Well there were three and we're waiting for a better ending. 'Nuf said

The answer is simple. I am never buying any EA product ever again. Sorry Bioware, you are dead to me now.

I was wondering when we'd have a video completely dedicated to talking about EA. If you want to say everything about EA, we might need a trilogy.

He had me at Bullfrog... -sob- I miss dungeon keeper, I miss Them hospital.
Same with Westwood... I miss the true Command & Conquer (Anything after TS is dumbed down and SHIT!)

The only EA titles I've bought in the last years were... Well there were three and we're waiting for a better ending. 'Nuf said

I miss Westwood too. It's enough to want me to punch everyone at EA in their faces. Companies getting sucked up by EA these days must just have a death wish. They know what they are getting themselves into.

Those faces...dem LIPS!

But yeah, the kind of loops and hoops that EA and Bioware have saddled the latter with has been something with which I am familiar. My friend/to-be bro-in-law had two separate EA accounts (he figures to use a Hotmail address for anythign on Xbox, whereas his Origin account was Gmail), and we STILL haven't gotten everything transfered from the deactivated Hotmail one to the Gmail one. Not that I haven't tried, and not that EA's customer support hasn't tried. It just seems like the system is so tangled that they could give the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota a run for its money.

[I would like I Gravity Rush shirt, please, and Jim Sterling is sexy.]
(This posted despite me typically wearing a Medium, but I like GR/GD's aesthetic, so of course I'm interested in Jim-ruffled swag.)



(Also I would like the shirt)

Forgot to add "Jim is sexy" hehe.
I'm also anticipating that whoever gets the shirt will find a small dog turd wrapped inside.

Or quite possibly a rather large human turd.

Well said. I'm amazed EA won't listen to all the complaints, and yet people will buy their games anyway... *SIGH*

Either that or they keep changing their target audience (hey, I think I just might've figured out their marketing strategy. Not that I'm saying that it's a good one).

Bravo Jim. Another good video all-around. I don't really know what else I could say about EA, aside from the fact that I actually had a good customer service experience from them once or twice. But then again, perhaps said customer service experience wouldn't have been needed in the first place if the product or issues in question I was forced into asking them about weren't totally daft. Such nonsense... :/

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please. Also, Jim is supremely, drippingly, entirely confusingly and profoundly sexy. For some ineffable reason.]

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt, please. Also, Jim is sexy]

And that is precisely the reason why many of the big businesses like EA and activision are going to go bankrupt, because they are dinosaurs trying force old business models on an evolving market. Not only that but they seem to be actively trying to piss off consumers and not even care if they do.

If you want us to buy your game, give us an (good) incentive to by new! You want us to use your digital distribution service? Make the games cheaper! You want us to be loyal and want to give our money to you? Don't kick us in the balls and act like you were doing us a favor.

You want an example of a good company that treats its customers right? I've bought a bunch of Fantasy Flight board games have had a couple bum pieces mixed in or had the French instruction manual by mistake. And you know what happened, I sent them an email and within a week or so got the correct, brand new parts...FOR FREE! No charge for the pieces, no charge to cover shipping, nothing! Any hard feelings I might have had are more than assuaged by the fact that they treated me with respect,responded quickly, and (this might be hard to understand) a little damn generosity. I would happily buy from them again.

/end of rant

(PS I'd love to see Jim try to squeeze his man titties into that shirt xD )

If there's an EA published game that I'm interested in, I wait a year until it's in a bin for $10 so I don't feed their massive money pit.

Also, I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please, and Jim is sexy.

Edit: I'm a Canadian resident, but I would totally pay for shipping. Just saying.

Jason Danger Keyes:
If there's an EA published game that I'm interested in, I wait a year until it's in a bin for $10 so I don't feed their massive money pit.

I'm the same way with EA games. I saw a good deal on Mass Effect for PC a couple months ago, however I decided to pass on it due to the horrendous DRM that was on it. Just no way I would support them if they decide to treat the average customer just a horrible pirate that needs such measure. Still it's not worth that small amount of money if they treat potential customers like that

[I would like a Gravity Rush T-shirt, also Jim is sexy]

I guess I'm in the minority in that I've never really played any of the games they've ever put out. I still detest their business practices though, that just goes along with my dislike of the fact that there's an AAA market to begin with.

I would also like a Gravity Rush T-Shirt, and Jim is Sexy <3

I've watched this 3 times now, and my favourite bit has to be:

"EA, your rival is Activision. ACTIVISION. What are you doing mate? You couldn't have had better competition if your closest rival was run by a paedophile STALIN! And yet somehow you've ended up looking worse - WORSE than Activision. A company that has done nothing to change its image over the last few years. It simply looks better than it is now through virtue of not being EA."

This was so f-king hilarious, it couldn't be more true.

I despise CoD. It's my most disliked game series - In fact, I haven't bought an Activision game in years, but I hate EA more. I love Battlefield, I love Mass Effect (apart form the bit where you know what). I loved Burnout & NFS - but it pisses me off to infinity and beyond when:
I'm treated as a lesser player for not owning BF3 Premium;
I can't buy Burnout/NFS because of attempts at "Broader appeal" ruining what I enjoyed about them;
I'm surrounded by online passes:
barging marketing tactics;
overwhelming amounts of DLC that just scream "Monayz!"; and
unappealing sequels.

Just fuck off EA. Go back to making GAMES that fans of such series will enjo, and you will get the sales and money you are after, you will get the consumer respect you desire and thus will get your stocks back up, as you ultimately want.

I want this episode of the Jimquisition on iTunes so I can download it legally and have it everywhere I go, played everyday, until EA see what they're doing wrong to piss off so many people, and right it.

I have disliked EA from the early 90's.

A company that sells the same game over and over again with a slight change in player stats is wrong.

But then you can only blame the USA for loving this.

EA have ripped off gamers for the last 20 years and its only now that gamers are pushing back.

Their stock market share tells you all, a group of pirates are looking to loot the ship but hold on thats what EA have done for years, Asset strip.

I have no smypathy for EA and Activision may find themselves in the same boat soon after the debacle that is Diablo 3.

I can confirm that EA kind of really sucks.




[I'm Commander Shepard and I would like a Gravity Rush shirt and Jim is sexy]

[I mean, I wouldn't touch that with the barrel of a Black Widow, but if that's your thing...]

[I prefer people I bed being a kind of bluish color.]

[Maybe purple.]

[Somewhere in that distinction.]

Fucking awesome Sterling!!! Well said sir. And fuck IGN for the shitty scam.

...Yeah, that pretty much covers it. Well said, Jim. Well said indeed. Also, haven't watch too many videos in a while, so I don't know how long you've been at it, but thanks for finally toning down that ridiculous "arrogant cunt" character of yours. There wasn't really any point to it, especially once you admitted you were playing a character. (Long-ass time ago)

OH! And when you flashed an image during that "Rage Moment" bit near the beginning....I'm not sure what it was, but I kinda feel like that little kid in the movie theater in Fight Club.

Renegade Shepard:
I can confirm that EA kind of really sucks.




[I'm Commander Shepard and I would like a Gravity Rush shirt and Jim is sexy]

[I mean, I wouldn't touch that with the barrel of a Black Widow, but if that's your thing...]

[I prefer people I bed being a kind of bluish color.]

[Maybe purple.]

[Somewhere in that distinction.]

I think you might be my favorite person the Cita-I mean, the Escapist.

Huh. I go out for three days of fishing, and miss this.
Can't say I missed much apart from a cathartic video.

It would be great if EA just reasoned with their customers, but they built their business under the presumption that they were too big to fail. That's the first sign of trouble, and it's been a constant for the company since they started gobbling up developers.

If EA's tumbling stock prices are any indicator, I'd have to say that the silent majority aren't as content with EA as they were in previous years; That little fact is more rational and telling than any of the apologist bullshit I've seen as of late.

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