Jimquisition: Why Do People Hate EA?

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Yikes. It's hard to defend EA when you hear a list of their sins all in a row.

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In some fo their earliest advertising, EA asked the question, "Can a computer make you cry?" They must have been having problems with that, so they decided to see if a computer could make me swear at it or throw pieces of it across the room.


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I thought I loved Deadspace 1, and 2... Oh.. wait.. you are now referring to the new "we want to sell 5Mil copies of Lost-Gears-of-Dead-Planet3?" oh THAT EA, yep, "Let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and..." I am still MAAAAD about the stupid "Colorific ending of ME3" and EA NOT GOING TO FIX IT....

I really started to hate EA when i saw what is probably the most asanine Ad for a game i ever seen. The Dead space 2 "your mom is gonna hate this" Ad.


THEY MARKETED A M RATED GAME TO MINORS! Not only that, but this trasvety of an Ad futher reinforce the sterotype of gamers been shut in`s that stays in their mom`s basement. What in the hell was the marketing team at EA thinking!? They were out of their goddamn minds (And probably still are). Not long after seen this, i heard about the marketing that they did with Dante`s inferno. They ran a contest call "Sin to win" in which you had to "commit acts of lust with any booth babes, prove it and repeat", again further tarnishing the image of gamers. For christ sake there`s already enough problems with the image of the gaming community and EA is making it even worse! Some people view gamers as shut in`s losers with no lives and EA is giving them more reason to think that way! This kind of marketing hurts EVERYONE. It hurts the gaming community, it hurts the game industry and it most definitely hurt EA itself.

What really annoys me about the IGN article is that not only the interviewer entirely avoids mentioning the half a dozen prolific studios EA has killed, but then the smug suited up fuck he's talking to goes out of his way to say "the highway of innovation is littered with roadkill, developers and publishers that just couldn't figure it out".

Of course, no comment follows, no mention of Origin Systems, Bullfrog, Westwood, Mythic or even Pandemic, who were acquired together with BioWare and are already 2 years gone.

IGN are not journalists, they're sluts.

It makes me sad that one Englishman cannot win a shirt of another....

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Wait, I know EA is evil, but what does activision do, besides the whole CoD schmuck?

Bobby Kotick - Activision's CEO, gained some fame a couple of years back. Fame of the bad variety. It was because of the things he said and did. Seriously, that guy was like the personification of Satan in the gaming industry back then, partly about CoD, partly about some other bad practices, partly because of the utterly stupid things he said (some of them misquoted, but still), to the point where if anybody came out and said "Bobby Kotick sacrificed 1000 people today because it was Tuesday" nobody would had been impressed, really.

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And yet I think that asking EA why people hate EA isn't exactly a bad thing. Why? It all depends on what you're set out to point out or describe with your article. I think asking EA why people hate EA gives us a pretty good understanding of how they think, how in touch they are with their audience and how it influences them. Of course we all know the answer to those questions now.

Ideally they should have asked both the consumers and EA. That's if they were looking to actually write a non-biased article which explored the disconnect between the two parties. Instead they opted for lazily going to EA and saying "People hate you...why?". That's like asking an abusive parent why they beat their kids because they're response is inevitably going to be "I don't beat my kids, I just discipline the little bastards when they step outta line. Every parent disciplines their kids, so why criticize my methods?"

I would say I hope IGN reprimands the article author for shitty journalism, but if they did that I imagine it wouldn't have been published like it is in the first place.

I too also remember when EA used to be "not as bad as activision. I have since refused to buy either companies games FULL STOP. Vote with your wallets people!

p.s. Also, i would like the gravity rush shirt please! And Jim is sexy.

Delicious episode, Jim. The knee-jerk 'EA by definition can't be a bad company because what they do is make video games' response has always irked me and I think this is a nice laundry list of reasons why a company that doesn't make bioweapons can still be doing shitty things.

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I completely agree. I used to avidly defend EA around 2007 when they made mirrors edge and were actually doing cool things, not burning guitar hero and call of duty into the ground like activision. Then, they put out origin. FUCK origin. I love some of EAs games (dragon age, mass effect...umm.... well i like bioware) but its getting harder and harder to justify a purchase of the game when im fueling a war machine. Ill buy thier game if it hits a steam sale, or ill rent it and play it.

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Don't know if you've noticed this Jim, but EA is having a massive price slashing on Origin. Let's pretend it's because they were watching your videos :P
Though it was nice to pick on Dead Space 2 for 5 euros, instead of 50-60$ elsewhere, still not sure if it makes up for their behavior and I'd rather see them coming out and start listing the ways they're going to dig themselves out of the ditch they've fallen into.

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I forget which part of the video it was, but one of the numerous times Jim says "That's fucked up" it shows a picture of a shrimp...what's the deal with that? :P

As for EA, yeah, I saw that article first in a topic someone had made here and thought that it would be IGN asking gamers why they hated EA, not a fluff piece designed to help EA try and exonerate (spelling) itself by saying "Yeah, we do a lot of shitty things, but other people do it too! We need moar monies!!"

That's like asking Obama why people think he's doing a bad job with the economy.

It's like asking Waffle House why everyone considers their restaraunts nothing but places you go to only when you're vomitting-on-yourself drunk at 3 in the morning.

It's like asking Jerry Sandusky why everyone seems to hate a guy who has a pile of evidence declaring him to be a child molestor.

In situations like these, you can't go to the source of a problem and ask it why everyone thinks it's a problem. It'd be one thing if the story was two-sided, interview EA but only after surveying numerous gamers for their opinions, then bring those opinions to EA and ask them to address them. Nope, IGN just went to EA and said "We're going to give you an article, tell us how you want to defend yourself."

I just think the most telling part of EA's commitment to selling that homogenized grey sludge that Jim mentions is Dead Space 3. Co-Op campaign with Isaac teaming up with a space marine to give it "broader appeal"...broad enough to sell 5 million copies or the franchie will go under. Well, since it's no longer set in Space, guess that just leaves it as Dead...much like the franchise itself. Thanks again, EA, for another ruined IP.

*pulls a string* "The Sentient Captcha says: "Strike Three"."

Biggest reason I hate EA is for their stupid online passes. No EA, I don't want to play $10 for something I should already be able to play! Also, EA is likely the company that ruined Mass Effect 3's ending, if not Bioware. Even if that wasn't their fault, there is no way the Day-1 DLC wasn't EA's idea.

Asking EA why everyone hates EA is like asking Hitler why the Jews hate him.

And really, what isn't there to loathe about EA?

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Jim keep up the great Jimquisitions they are informative. I love hearing opinions about what people think about any topic that deals with the video game industry. Hey Jim to my knowledge at least EA doesn't charge for cheat codes anymore. Remember the "Godfather" video game? : ) I just want EA not to mess with the Dead Space developers and just let them do their thing. Also I want to see some new IPs that's not a shooter.

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You know, I thought it was pretty funny how I just got done watching The Warriors before I saw this video, when he started saying, "suckas", I half expected someone to shoot him and be like, "That's the guy, he shot Jim Sterling, Activision did it! Activision did it!"

(Also I would like a Gravity Rush shirt and Jim is sexy, I also live in Australia and will pay for shipping, pretty please?)

If Activision can shape up, then maybe EA will follow their business practices. Peer pressure and all that jazz.

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A friend of mine saw this article and it actually (finally) turned him off from IGN. It amazes me how popular it remains with so many alternative game media sources out there that actually produce interesting content.

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please. Also, Jim is sexy.]

How ironic though that EA co-published most of Valve's games after Half-life 2 through it's publisher wing, EA Partners. That's right, kids. EA, the big bad wolf, is partly responsible for helping to bring you Left 4 Dead 1&2, The Orange Box, and Portal 2 (the retail version), not to mention DeathSpank, Shank, and a bevy of other minor titles on XBLA and PSN.

Look, EA does bad things, I think we can all agree. But this isn't some black and white thing where you can dismiss everything about them under some college hippie cliche of "they're evil". As the biggest kid on the block, they're gonna catch some flak, and they're also in the best position to help other developers who might never otherwise have been able to pull it off. And hell, I'd say a fair number of people's issues is because they make sports games and shooters, two of the internet's most hated genres.

This isn't a defense of EA, this is a call to remember that life isn't so cut and dry as "these guys are bad, and these guys are good."

is it wrong that i don't know whats wrong with activision? i never knew people hated activision as well (but then i am naive af so derp)

[also jim's sexilicious and i would like the shirt]

Well to get one good idea you can just google "Activision Lawsuits".

Anyways, I still don't see EA as the worst offender. In my opinion they tend to create more of an image problem for themselves, when they pull off some ridiculous marketing stunt or an executive runs his mouth off on something like Steam or used game sales and invoking a great deal of rage on the internets. Thing is while yes EA still does bad things (I'm looking at you exclusive sports license deals) these things above are more external factors, they make for a bad image but don't really effect game development. I'd still say Activision still top spot for mustache twirling acts of evil and customer price gouging.

It should also be worth noting, some people have brought up that EA did start to go in the 'right' direction so it's a shame they've reverted back to evil. Let's not forget though when they tried doing the 'right' thing they actually started losing money, so that's why the evil influences returned.

When Chris Priestly (bioware) posted the article on facebook and was just suckling it's balls, I just had to tear him a new asshole. I also posted that awesome "EA in a Nutshell" video.

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Lets not forget the "You cannot sue us" clause in the Origin TOS, stating that if you use their service, they cannot be sued either by jury or in class action. Just another reason why I hate EA.
Also Jim is a sexy sexy man and I would like a shirt.

I just want that GR shirt.
[I would like a gravity rush shirt please. Also jim is sexy]

Yeah, there's a reason that I haven't bought anything on Origin. I only own three EA-published games; two were bought on Steam sales, and one was bought used for the PS2, well after the PS3 was released.

If EA wants more of my money, they should stop trying to treat me as a pirate the moment I buy their game, and their systems should work properly. After I bought the new NFS: Hot Pursuit on Steam, I got an online keycode. When I entered the code in, the game told me the code was already in use. It took a half hour with their online customer service to get that fixed. This is my favorite racing game, EA, I want people to play against! Stop scaring them off!

(I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please. Also Jim is sexy.)

Once upon a time, EA put out Dead Space, a creepy and very fun Action-Survival-Horror-Sci-fi game and Mirror's Edge, a very different, colorful game that emphasized creative movement and parkour more than combat. They seemed to be trying to become something different and I loved them for it.

Now, even though I want to like them, since they do own companies that put out games I like, I just can't anymore. When Wal-Mart, FUCKING WAL-MART, is considered less evil than you, you have FAILED at being human beings. It's just so sad.

And is it just me, or was Jim really working that black coat today. Don't know what, but there's just something about him that just turned me on this video. Mmm. Keep it up, Jim.

(by the way I'd like the T-shirt)

I'm glad someone made a response to that stupid article.

Anyone who's played games since the early 90's and watched these companies go down the corporate toilet always wonder why gamers have the memory capacity of goldfish

Yeah. Ea was good once. It took risks in Mirror's Edge and a few other games. And then those games failed and they went right back around.

Everyone is saying EA is failing us. But didn't we fail EA?

Dead Space 3 must sell 5 million? It must have a cover system? It must.....be made for a broader audience?


You're going to find it hard to maintain the smug misanthrope pretense if you keep giving me this kind of warm, sunny glow, Jim.

I had two particular insights in the wake of IGN's article.

One: the most sharp, vivid, and painful difference between Origin and Steam can be summed up thusly: because of Steam, I've bought and played games I otherwise wouldn't have (Lone Survivor, The Binding of Isaac, Magicka, and even big-name titles like Warhammer 40K Space Marine and Resident Evil 5.) Because of Origin, I haven't played games I otherwise definitely would have (most notably, Mass Effect 3.)

Two: The "Of course, they're a business, they're in business to make money" argument is incredibly f@#%ed up. It's cart-before-the-horse.

If a company just wanted to make money, they should be managing hedge funds or trading commodities or making super-villain hand gestures as they contemplate the diminishing world stock of petroleum.

A business has to make money to survive. They must take in a certain amount of profit in excess of their costs in order to make their payroll, pay for their supplies, and so forth.

But a company like EA shouldn't be in business to make money; they should be in business to make video games. That's their job; that's why they should go to work in the morning. To the extent that they're in business to make money, they're doing that job wrong, and many of their bad decisions can be traced back to exactly that. Perversely, it's ultimately self-defeating: analyzing their customers and treating them like a revenue stream rather than like people causes their use as a revenue stream to diminish (i.e., you piss people off, they stop buying your products.)

[And I would be happy to have a t-shirt, Jim, you sexy beast.]

EA has the people who buy their products be consumers.
Valve takes the time to create customers.

Activision looks less evil because EA decided to make themselves more evil.

Well, I think we can pretty much say goodbye to the Dead Space franchise.

I would kind of like the shirt, but it's going to be way too small on me, so I'm going to sit this one out.

I have yet to even finish the first Dead Space, but after seeing Dead Space 3 in Game Informer, I'm saying goodbye to it too.

The EA process:

Decent game, crappy game, SHITTY GAME
As soon as they buy a studio its a death mark on them.

They buy a studio and run it into the ground.

I got a "suspension" for posting that on BSN.

EA making awful DRM and overcharging for DLC 1 game at a time.

[I would like a gravity rush T-shirt please. Also Jim, you are sexy]

Thank you Jim you were right on top of that one. I read the article and I was like "really ign you suck this much cock?" So yeah they needed to be called out and the payoff had better be worth it they have lost my respect now.

Also Id like to have that gravity rush shirt.btw jim stirling is a sexy sexy man.

Also jim i live in tupelo ms it would be nothing to send that shirt to me. Me also being a fan of the game itself.

After skimming this whole thread I only saw one mention of this video:

And as a literal copy paste of the video's description, this might be why people hate EA:
-This is for buying out some of the best game companies and turning them to mediocrity.
-This is for having some of the worst customer service in the gaming industry.
-This is for deliberately holding back game content for the sole purpose of making customers pay more for it later as DLC.
-This is for strictly enforcing copyrights on content that you did not even create.
-This is for taking the Need for Speed franchise and completely ruining it.
-This is for supporting the S.O.P.A.
-This is for overworking some of your employees with no benefeits, demolishing any creative talent they have.
-This is for making terms of use that allow you to backstab your customers any time you see fit.
-This is for releasing the same things every year, an increasingly large number being the only difference.
-This is for forcing your customers to stay online to even play several games you publish at all.
-This is for backstabbing Valve, preventing the developers you publish for from releasing their games via Steam for the sole purpose of promoting your own platform.
-This is for overhyping your games and not delivering the content you promised.
-This is for increasing the funding of media review organizations to get better reviews of your games.
-This is for monopolizing the entire gaming industry and crushing all that oppose you.

[I would like a Gravity Rush shirt please. Also Jim is sexy.]

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