Trailers: Heroes and Generals - Come Out to Play Trailer

Heroes and Generals - Come Out to Play Trailer

An RTS / FPS that looks like quite the fun.

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Certainly looks like an interesting mix. Not sure it's good enough on either end to really interest me. But either way, a very cool idea for a trailer.

WOAH! this looks fun!

Finally someone will make this idea a reallity .


Gen-er-als, come out to play-ay

Had the Alpha for this game but never got to play it because it didn't work for me. Maybe should try it now, looks quite interesting.

Great not only do i have to worry about bad fellow soldiers but now i got to deal with potentially bad generals killing time on the Iphone on the john!If i can prosper on the battlefields of Stalingrad then i think i can manage. ;)

it does look interesting thought and even if it sucks its defiantly trying something new for hopefully others to improve on.


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