Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

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I question if we are talking about a game with a CREW why not have support up to 3 controllers. As in one person sits in one seat doing the functions of that one job. One person does the other job like say the loader/gunner and so on.

First this game is FUN (once you learn the controls). Fun as in I was up playing this game waaay past my bedtime- my girlfriend and my work are suffering as I am having so much fun in fact that a chronic lack of sleep and loss of free time are beginning to take a toll.

Mmm a Fresh Account and only one post

Now I am not saying you are one of the developers or people behind the game. You might be just a big fan of the Steel Battalion games.

But lets be fair here.. controls matter.. and just like if you had a JRPG that would take 40 hours before you would "get it" .. that is to long. Remember the backlash on Final Fantasy XIII, the 20 hour long "and now we teach you this thing"

Yeah.. the problem is that maybe yes you can get really good at the controls after 20 hours .. .. why would anybody put 20 hours FIRST in the game to get there. You have to give them a reason.

Look I can see this game work find if it supported 3 controllers, as in 3 different players each taking a different role in the tank. That would be fun.. you would have little fights over who would get to take what position true but.

And maybe if they patch up this game so it will support non kinect mode [yeah as if Microsoft allows for that] and go for a 2/3 controller control system. It indeed would be the game it should have been.

It still would mean using old technology, battling enemies and being able to lose. It still would mean that the tension would be there... if programmed right.

But with Kinect it fails because Kinect is like the original Wii controller. It is fine with big movements, WAGGLE WAGGLE WAGGLE .. but smaller movements are not its fortee!

This game needs to be ported to the PC, with support for this controller.




sigh, it looks like this game would be a blast if somehow done right

They could simplify the controls, but that'd make the Steel Battlion series kinda...pointless. Now that I think of it, the answer to this is simply. Like really simple. Stupidly fucking simple in fact. Like sitting-smack-dab-in-front-of-your-hands-in-current-use simple.

A keyboard. Think about it, plenty of buttons to do this and that, nowhere near as cumbersome as the original game's large controller, yet a million times more responsive than the Kinect will ever be, in any single lifetime. An even better idea would be a slightly modded keyboard or even custom keyboard specifically for this game. It'd still be easier to use than either other control method.

Capcom really needs to re-release this game for PCs if only to get some of their money back. I really love the dieselpunk look.

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