LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Spend Your Summer

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Ways to Spend Your Summer

Hard up for a way to waste your leisure time? We can help.

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I love the look on his face at the "beach" that screams "Jesus Christ! This water is fucking cold!"

James' sign is amazing!

Enjoy your vacation The Sam Raimi...The henchmen and i will miss you and upon your return will throw a giant celebration banquet.

Paul managed to get the best parts of that video, most of the watermelon, and he got to take the smiley ball hostage.

I need to make more enemies.

Underwater sex isn't even an option!

Oh my god! Please! Anything but the ball! D:

He is innocent in all of this!

Who mis-spelt the Load Ready Run Moonbase sign by sticking that 'corrective' paper on it,

Awwww, no Sam Raimi. :( Ah well. At least the next X Ways To Y video is confirmed! Yaaaaaay September!

I liked this one. It wasn't my favorite X Ways To Y, but it was still well done.

This week's didn't really do it for me. Good thing there's always next week!

All the videogames, who's with me?

Matt's segments are way too close to how I'm actually spending my summer.

Laughing at summer students seems like a brilliant idea. I'm in

So no one else wanted a Phineas and Ferb reference?

I'm guess the game bits are how Matt will actually spend his summer.

Never noticed the LLR moonbase uses the "Moonbase" from "Moonbase Commander" which is a super game.

I love Matt's amazing push-up technique! He'll be ripped in no time!

I wanted to point out the threatening of the smilie-ball by Paul in making enemies ... and then he gets highlighted in the end :( Sad ball! Hope you live!

my plan is actually catch up with spring cleaning... lets see how it goes! Ask me in about a month ... :P

Aw man, I was looking forward to the Sam Raimi! Oh well, enjoy your vacation!

Was really hoping the enemies gag would turn out to be a "have a Mexican standoff". And wow, I mistook Matt for Tim for a bit there. The Tale of Matt Wiggins reminds me that I'm clearly not the first to have done so.

does it mean that I have seen way to much LRR if I recognized the location of the "make fun of summer students" section as outside "the mall" in CH.

If I ever end up at University of Victoria it is going to be really weird walking around the place.

And then Paul went down on a watermelon and my life was never the same again.

LEELEE!!! And my hat! Super double awesome summer extravaganza! This absolutely made my day, let me tell you.

All the video games, reading and spending time with enemies. Sounds like the ideal summer.

Sadly I'll be spending my summer working overtime due to the Olympics this year being in London, but in September, I'm going to Europe!

I'm pretty sure you've done the "...with friends...with enemies" joke before.

I thought the last one was gonna say cook some meth.

The laugh at summer students was my favorite.

Design Nerd here. "Papyrus Press" literally made me laugh out loud. :)

Captain Epic:
I love Matt's amazing push-up technique! He'll be ripped in no time!

Actually, yeah! If you have a hard time with full push ups, those are a good place to start. It's like reps with weights; do more with less weight, and you still get a great work out. :)

Though, the joke was pretty clear. xD "Matt does sissy push ups."

Man I loved this one. I don't think I've laughed this many times during an LRR video before.

I want to learn Klingon. Hey, Paul, hook me up with that book.

So are you guys REALLY on vacation til September? or is it just X ways to Y that is?

Either way, enjoy the time off!

LeeLee! Why did you cut your hair?

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