LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Spend Your Summer

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Why is Paul threatening DnD 4.5? What did it ever do to Paul?

This video was brought to you by Coke a Cola Zero!


You're in the wrong hemisphere!

I was wondering if you'd make use of that book eventually! I'm not sure how much longer this particular series can stay fresh, but this was still very enjoyable.

I can never get sick of these. Nice one guys! :)

Too many good jokes for this video. What are you guys gonna do for Feed Dump?

Also, why would James wanna fly to Las Vegas when he's driven that bus so many times he knows the way like the back of his hand?

Tim Hortons donuts FTW! I think I'm going have to go out and by a box right now.

I love Matt. I'm taking his advice on All the Video Games.

Also, The Sam Raimi needed a vacation. Glad you gave him one.

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