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I just came here to say I laughed so hard at the line "The load has, as they say, been blown." And why are we so quick to judge female characters that don't have much on? They are strong women that are comfortable with their sexuality (and don't need no man. mhm!). Buncha slut shamers.

The above is, for anyone who can't tell, slathered with sarcasm. Well except the part about the "The load has, as they say, been blown." line. The taking of this comment seriously will result in unneeded headaches and looking like an idiot.

I just came here to say I laughed so hard at the line "The load has, as they say, been blown."

Maybe he was making a Charlie Brooker reference?

What I'm referring to is at 1.55.



Not passing the Bechel Test doesn't mean it's a bad movie, it means it's male centric. That's like calling the Witcher 2 a bad game because it's misogynistic of Geralt to have casual sex with multiple women. In real life I'm pretty sure women talk about shoes, and there's nothing inherently wrong with that (unless that's ALL they talk about).

Actually you calling The Witcher 2 misogynistic because Geralt has causal sex IS itself misogynistic. You are presuming that the women are not capable of having casual, no strings attached sex like a man can. Why are you sexist?

I never said I was the one who thought Geralt having causal sex was misogynistic. I've seen some of the "encounters" online, and more than once its the women who are initiating it. They haven't been suckered in by promises of "commitment" or declarations of undying love, they just want to bump uglies. The only reason it appears misogynistic is because we're only seeing the story through Geralt's point of view and we don't get to see all the casual sex the women are having. Like I said: male centric.

My point it is that it comes down to perception. Some things are clear, a less qualified man being given a position over a more qualified female, other things are a lot less clear, like the implications of sexual relations in a video game. I think the problem with all these claims of sexism in video games, movies, etc., is that a lot of it really depends on your perception of given characters and their interactions.


Arcane Azmadi:
He's got a good point. Maybe Ivy was always a bit on the slutty side, but look at what the Soul Calibur series did to SOPHITIA. We went from this:
...to THIS:
Nauseating, isn't it?

...I like it actually.

But hey, Soul Calibur has never been what you would call a 'classy game' right?

Would you believe me if I said "wrong"?

Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast was arguably THE classiest fighting game I have ever played. The game not only played like a dream, but it just dripped style from every pore. The tone was epic, from the (customizable) opening movie, to the stage design, to the music, to each character's personal story. And the female characters, while gorgeous (and even somewhat erotic in the case of Ivy and, to an extent, Taki) weren't absurdly oversexualised like in rival series Dead or Alive. The reason I have grown steadily more disillusioned with the series as it has progressed is its inability to recapture the level of class the original had (yes, I'm aware of Soul Blade, but no-one really counts that) and Soul Calibur IV (with its stupid Star Wars cameos) was the last straw. Tragic.

Is it just me or did Croshaw become a lot less funny and much more cynical? His views have been...well to put it kindly...sketchy at best. (Bechdel Test...really?)

The guy is even less popular here now in terms of views and comments, Jimqusition and MovieBob seem to be way over him here now.

Seriously? He's still as funny and informative as he's always been.
ie miles ahead of the rest of the crap we see on other sites and fairly better than the other stuff we see on this site.
He manages to get that combination of being really funny and being honest, (the best jokes are the ones that a true after all) with a dash cynicism & hatred of man...

If your problem is with Extra Punct, than thats different. It's always been less funny and more informative than Zero Punct, it serves as a way for Yahztee to bring his points across and encourage discussion.

Actually sometimes the better jokes come from Extra Punct.

I feel as though this post would be better in a religious tome for triple A developers to worship...

Just a PSA announcement for the Bechdal test here:

For the 30 billionth time already the Bechdal test is not to test whether or not the film in question is feminist, treats women with respect, treats women with dignity, etc.

The Bechdal test was simply a litmus test.

It's entire purpose was to simply SHOW a trend with how women are treated in movies

i.e most movies when they have women in them do only a few things.

A) Are the only female present in the entire movie cast (unless it's a chick flick which is basically a term now for movies with more than one female main character.)

B) Are regulated to love interest with no practical reason for being there.

C) There are two women there, but the only time they communicate with each other is to talk about or fight over a man.

None of these things even have to be feminist at all. A movie will pass the Bechdal test if two houseives spend 10 minutes talking about how to properly cook fucking pie and it will pass. That's how stupidly easy it is to "pass" the test.

If it's honestly that fucking hard to portray women as...so much as realistic side characters then that's really all on you and your failure to observe how people act in real life and incorporate some semblance of that in your movie.

Casual Shinji:
That bechdel test is fucking stupid, and so is basically every test that measures the worth of any movie, game, song, or book.

I'm actually really interested in seeing where the gaming industry goes from here. They can't continue the road of excess they've followed since the first home console, because this generation has already become too bloated for its own good. So it's either sink or swim in a new direction.

The Bechdal test was never meant to be used as a measure of a films worth. It was simply there to represent a trend. It's no different from a visual pie graph. That's it.

Katya Topolkaraeva:
Women who have intelligent things to say generally tend to prefer male company.

This statement is ironic considering how I just had a conversation early afternoon with my two female friends that talked about race relations, diversity, representation in games, and general stuff about the declining quality of college education.

Either your hanging out with the wrong people, or your not really a woman, but posing yourself as one so you can attempt to make the most incorrect statements about us and get the least amount of flak about it.

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