Trailers: Of Orcs and Men - Summer Trailer

Of Orcs and Men - Summer Trailer

If given a chance I would bet on the orcs. No offense humans.

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A fantasy game from an Orc perspective? I like it.

Huh. Cyanide are quickly becoming a Euro studio to keep an eye on. The new French Piranha Bytes?

First thought: Wait, that looks like the Witcher/Witcher 2. Awesome.
Second thought: Those aren't orcs, those are super mutants via Bethesda.
Broke-into-lols thought: Isn't that the music from Requiem for a Dream?

I am going to WAAAGH the shit out of everything.

M? Had to fill out an age for that?

Didn't warcraft 1 have a similar title...

War, war never changes not exactly a new concept...

Looks like it could be fun, I'll have to see more before I get hyped though.

Isn't this basically the story from the orc campaign of Warcraft 3? Looks like it mite be cool though.

You mean I can play an 8 foot greenskin crushing humies? Yes please!

Title being a pun "Of Mice and Men" implies that it will be a humoured game.
I hope it doesn't defile one of my most favourite non-Discworld Fiction books too much.

Want to buy medieval Hulk game.

Also, Requiem for a Dream? Well, do what you can with what you got, I guess.

Emperor "Damocles", huh?

No prizes for guessing he gets it at the end of this game.


Broke-into-lols thought: Isn't that the music from Requiem for a Dream?

Yes it is. The most overused tune of the internet.


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