Zero Punctuation: Spec Ops: The Line

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Blood Brain Barrier:
No, I just told you what happened: the game cheated. It respawned enemies making it impossible to choose any other option than using white phosphorus,

So the whole 'too numerous to kill by conventional means' thing went right over your head, I guess? From the sound of it, you started shooting, and as soon as another soldier filled the place on advantageous highground left vacant by a downed comrade, you threw up your hands and screamed "Impossible!" then quit.

Because otherwise, it wouldn't matter if the game was 'cheating' or not. That wasn't my question. I asked whether or not your encounter ended with A) you running out of ammo and dying or B) dying before that point. And if you were up against infinitely respawning enemies, that would've been the case.

Blood Brain Barrier:
an option which I would have not taken in real life. I would have sooner run away and hide. And then the ending blamed me for not doing exactly that.

So in 'real life,' you would have simply proven yourself to be a terrible soldier undeserving of the prestigious ranks of Delta Force? Okay. I'll accept that.

About the walker calling evac you missed the point. Objective was scouting and calling for evac but walker went to far ahead. towards the end of the game Konrad says this : 5000 people were alive in dubai the day you arived, how many are alive today? how many will be alive tommorow? I though my mission was to protect city from the storm, but in reality it was to protect it from you.
basically walker failed the mission, during one of the loading screen the game even says ''alpha failed their mission its
all about revenge now'' so in the end there was no justifieble act in this mission was failed dubai died.

I gotta post an apology to you char this was ment for Blood but due to my own incompetens i somehow fucked it up, i hope no harm was done.

Zero Serenity:
I actually played the demo for this and found the gameplay quite lacking if being utterly annoying. The chemistry of the characters was lacking (maybe it's because it's the demo) and frankly I couldn't feel invested in it. But that being said, I did enjoy this review since it has something Yahtzee is very good at and that is the juxtaposition of being funny. Grim games can work, but really, if it's not fun to play (and I would even go sofar as to say if a horror game isn't fun) then really what is the point? Immersion? Not on my count. It's impossible to get immersed in a game you're hating. The shooting is bland, the contextual flashbang is mind-boggling and I hadn't the feeling the plot was up to much.

Yeah, the demo sucked, but that was only the demo. It was my GOTY, but I couldn't even completel the demo. After all, you didn't reach the white phosphorus bit..


In Search of Username:

Yahtzee, is there just something about your limeys and your inability to appreciate the military putting their asses on the line so that you don't have to? Y'know, protecting your freedoms, preventing your own slaughter at the hands of those who despise you and want you to eat the soles of their boots?

Look, I'm a conservative and I dislike the shit we've gotten into with our wars and our expended blood and treasure.

I still love and support my military, however, as those men and women are out there defending my freedoms.

I'm not proud of what's been committed in the name of god and country, but as one legendary general once said: "War is hell." And there comes a time when war is needed to ensure that the decent folk of this world don't wind up getting shat upon by that flaky bitch, Fate.

That said, this is easily one of your best reviews, Yahtzee, and excellent job on that.

*farting noise*

The fact you keep saying someone's 'protecting our freedoms' doesn't make it true. And even if they are it's at the expense of the freedoms of people from other countries, so I understand people finding it hard to respect soldiers as much as the media assumes they should.

If they're fighting for freedom, where the hell is it?

So I'm guessing you're one of those morons who think that 9/11 was an inside job and that our military should be ashamed for a proper response to a wanton slaughter of innocents?

That's what our military's doing. America and the West stood by and let the world turn itself pre-9/11, and it was that day that showed us the true threat terrorism poses to us.

Those men and women are out there risking their lives so you don't have to. That, at least, warrants some sort of respect.

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