Feed Dump: Cons, Moms, Bones & Waffles

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The 'is it playable' section was like the introduction to Friday Nights.

Magic magic magic magic magic magic


Drive-by shiving.

I have registered that name for my new underground death metal band.


Nice, a rare re-used credits fail. Unless there was a massive sex change operation in the moonbase in the last week. :P

Alex is now LeeLee right?

Does that make Paul Kathleen? Because I'm pretty sure Graham would be Kate...

Brazil represent!

It seems a bad idea to allow cons to shorten their time by exercising on a escape device, but they're using *stationary* bikes.

"Ha ha, fuck you coppers!" *hops on bike* *falls over*

Also, I thought the skeleton might be the work of a primordial Jigsaw.

Damn you CNN! Borrowing Feed Dump hats!
Well it could be worse, it could be Fox News.

Wait, wait, wait, wait...when did Graham, Paul, and Alex turn into Kate, Kathleen, and LeeLee? Also, who did Alex and Paul turn into? Since i'm assuming that Graham would obviously turn into Kate

I look forward to Brazil's future cycling team. If I ever get sent back in time I'd totally mess with archaeologists and conspiracy theorists.

So it's Kathleen, playing Graham, playing a Newt... seems legit.

Cue Graham and the Moonbase being buried under a hundredweight of hats...

NO! Paul is the Sassy one!

Re-used credits? Loading Ready Fail!

And Paul, how did you forget what Calipers are?? You're our resident Go-To science guy! I'm afraid I have to issue this citation, for -1 Science Point. While I wait for you to turn in your point, I'm going to go make some waffles.

Wrong credits, Graham! I still liked the episode! Alex is always funny! More Ron Dewings would be great! I don't know why I'm shouting!

You could say this episode was: "total waffle".

Not as great as girl dump, but pretty good. Also a waffle sandwich sounds delicious.

Girls are prettier

Glad to see Ron Dewings again.

The Gentleman:
Keep an eye out for prison tats at this year's Olympic Velodrome.

thing is it would be a crime not to have the new athletes on the team after all that time behind bars

Damn you CNN! Borrowing Feed Dump hats!

I demand video proof!

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