Space Janitors: Episode 8

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Whispering Death:
Space Janitors Pilot - "I want to be more than a janitor but I'm not"
Space Janitors Finale - "I want to be more than a janitor but I'm not"

Way to build a character arc guys!

Hey I'm Andy I write for this show. I know I'm super late on this but...

The arc actually goes more along the lines of Darby starts out with a very idealistic view of the Empire. Even being shot at seems exciting to him. By the end of the season we tried to show him another side of the intergalactic war he's cleaning up after - the rebels he's been told to hate are possible family members which starts to change his whole outlook on the Empire.

Season 2 is coming to Geek and Sundry in April, check us out there if you want to continue to support the show.

Thanks for everything Escapist!

So it's not coming back here?

When is this show returning? It is already 2014.

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