Steampunk Feminists Vs. Zombies

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I'd donate to that.
Seriously, looks awesome.

*throws money at screen*
Nothing happens!?

Ahh, the satire is back. All is now good.

I like that we're finally putting the hipsters in their place for what is tantamount to social pork barrelling.

I would play the hell out of that game.

This game is so sexist! Men can be feminists to ya know!

I wounder which retail chain will give out the "Working Girls" pre-order bonus skin with a bare cupped leather corset, stiletto heels and Zombie make-up

Well Dark Watch was great....

Hell, I'd play it.

Oh, Hilarious.

No, really.

Captcha: yeah right

At least captcha understood

Kickstarter: Give us your money you idiots.

I would totally play that game.

Is it bad I that I actually mistook this for a real indie game at first?

I laughed at this strip until I realized how true it was. :(

*throws money at screen*

, but its not very effective. :P

No proper feminist would ever wear a corset. Get it right, guys!

(Would donate)

Mysterious Username:
Is it bad I that I actually mistook this for a real indie game at first?

Yeah... your so... dumb...

Uh...Yeah, I would probably play that.

I'd play the hell out of that game.

That chick with the twin Lugers is made of awesome! Excellent Art on that fake Kickstarter!

Susan Arendt:
I would totally play that game.

Yeah i'm in too.

Also this exists - The Bone Shaker by Cherie Priest is a steampunk novel with feminist undertones (it's about a widow confronting the spectre of her abusive husband and rescuing her headstrong son. By shooting Zombies. Kindof. Admittedly she gets rescued a couple of times but she's the protagonist and does her own asskicking. Also, there's a pissed off native american woman with knives whose effectively the biggest badass in the book)

So where do I drop-off my money?

Of course of course. This bullshit is fucking everywhere. I'm so sick of all these... zombie games. >.> Okay, I would also play it.

Yeah... I'd probably buy that. Although only after issuing death threats to the developers.

Also, I'm honestly, non-ironically, non-sarcastically liking those character designs.

A steam punk Left4Dead like game with 3 or 4 kick ass women characters? I'd buy it twice!

n00bs don't get the reference to that feminist bitch swindling people.

No proper feminist would ever wear a corset. Get it right, guys!

Sorry, but I personally know a few raging fems and they enjoy their corsets. One of them told me she wears one as a top to clubs just to lure in unsuspecting guys so she can rip em apart with intelligent conversation and debate. She has a 4.0 and BS in Psychiatry.

As for would this make a good game, in a word... YES! It would sell to a wide variety of players, has zombies (a big seller these days) and could make a good co-op shooter.

Not to mention the fact that if it were made to look like the characters shown in the panel, it would give girls a good role model. The panel shows attractive ladies that are strong, self-suffecient and (gasp) FULLY CLOTHED! ...this does not mean I dont enjoy games like Lollipop Chainsaw or Tomb Raider, I am a guy after all.

This is all kinds of badass!

I'm gonna have to agree with most of the others, that artwork looks awesome, if the game looked like the artwork, I'd play it, and I don't typically enjoy zombie games.

As I've seen though, a lot of these games with awesome artwork, don't EVER look like that.

Grey Carter:
Steampunk Feminists Vs. Zombies

Give Us Your Money

Read Full Article

please please please please make a wallpaper of that first frame.

I am so in love with that blond girls dress(i would also play it).


What do you mean it's not a real kickstarter?

Well that pretty much covers everything I like.

I assume the power ups are made of chocolate yes?

(I still don't think Sarkeesian swindled anyone. It's strange how no other kickstarters get rape threats huh...)

How long will it take before someone picks up the Girl Genius IP for vidyagaems? :(

I get the feeling this will happen at some point
and when it does, it won't be feminism
it will just be women brutalizing men
or may even still come off as sexist against women again

Still I like steam punk
and I like ladies
So id play this

I would definitely buy this. Especially if that concept art is accurate.

i keep clicking donate but nothing happens :(

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