No Right Answer: Most Disappointing Television Channel

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Most Disappointing Television Channel

With so many streaming options, cable is becoming quite the dinosaur. Even so, there are some cable channels that seem determined to destroy their medium. Which channel has fallen the farthest?

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I was going to say Cartoon Network because they said that they would play cartoons until the end of time but now they have live action or Nickelodeon for giving that annoying internet freak Fred a TV show and movie.

But as I think about it, it's Mtv because of 16 and pregnant. For basically encouraging teens to get pregnant to get on TV.

rob and big buy a pony - the epic 12 episode season! - careful you dont give them any ideas

If you thought Jersey Shore was bad, word of advice, don't watch Geordie Shore, it makes the cast of Jersey Shore(especially the most stupid one of all, Snooki)look like geniuses

MTV used to be something that one could claim defined a generation. Now it's a visual manifestation of everything wrong with society.

SeeFee's hilariously horrible original movies are at least something to laugh at. Yes, some are just so bad they aren't funny, but they make perfect "bunch of guys get together and riff it" material.

But even as both a sci-fi and a wrestling fan, I also ask: why the fuck is there wrestling on a sci-fi channel?

History Channel.

There's one redeeming factor about MTV. It is the absolute perfect counterpoint to any instance of someone taking a label too literally. Though I would still probably say it's more disappointing than SyFy, since SyFy at least provides some meta-entertainment with their ridiculous monster and disaster movie titles. It is legitimate fun to just come up with crazy movie titles that could totally pass for a SyFy movie.

MTV was never great in and of itself, but it showed other people's great music videos.

And I liked watching Smackdown on Friday nights then switching over to Sci-fi's Line up (SG-1, SG-A, BSG) but that doesn't mean I think the WWE has ANY PLACE on Sy fy.

History Channel.

you mean the Alien Conspiracy Network? Personally that's right there with Sy fy for me.

Mr. Omega:
But even as both a sci-fi and a wrestling fan, I also ask: why the fuck is there wrestling on a sci-fi channel?

Network Television? That's WAY too many viewers! You know what else we should do? Put the Undertaker on a starvation diet, surgically remove what little personality John Cena has and make HIM the face of the company.

Also no more blood or hardcore matches.


The same is happening to The Discovery Channel. Everything for one reason or another needs to be turned into reality drama, whether it's protesting Japanese whalers, running a chop shop, crab fishing, or flying a plane in Alaska.

I used to fucking love The Discovery Channel back in my teenage years, but the only thing worth watching now is Dirty Jobs and the occasional Mythbusters.

MTV wasn't my thing admittedly but like they said MTV didn't have original programming and when they started to you had VH1 and all it's itterations and all of MTV's iterations to fall back on and TODAY you have YouTube which does what MTV did except better. MTV simply couldn't survive today if they went to music only stuff.

Sci-Fi channel on the other hand made science fiction shows so when it stopped showing those shows that were great stuff there was no where else to go. You can't go to YouTube and find any original series on there that can even hope to have a BSG level of special effects even today (BSG came out in 2003 in case you forget). Now they only have a single good show on there (Eureka) and the rest is just guys trying to be friends shadows to get their names, or wrestling. So Sci-Fi channel going stupid was like the one oasis in the desert drying up for SciFi fans. Now we just wait for the sporadic rains of things like Prometheus or whatever other sci fi movies to come out that isn't complete trash. But what bugs me the most is that they could still do good stuff because like I said the void they left hasn't been filled and can't be filled easily.

So yes MTV might have a larger impact and result in you being annoyed at kids these days but sci fi was the only one of its kind and has yet to be replaced.

MTV: Not disappointing since the invention of YouTube.

Syfy channel: Previously the only place to get science fiction.

Now you can't get science fiction. At all.

Yeah, Syfy is definitely more disappointing, just because it was the only option and it's taken itself away.

We used to have Space Channel, up here in Canadia. It was basically Sci Fi as it was intended to be. Which means Farscape reruns, all the Star Trek series, the Tales from the Crypt HBO series and all the horribly bad flicks you'd watch as guilty pleasures around 2 or 3 AM. Science Fiction exploitation material or just, y'know, Ed Wood's filmography. Around each holiday, they'd pull out a little week-long special of thematic movies or shows. Halloween was obviously the best.

Plus, they more or less kept the whole "horror host" tradition alive, just with more nerdy quips and less slinky dames in Goth outfits.

Does that still exist? I can't find it in my cable provider's listing. If that still exists in that form, I'm sure as shit pushing to subscribe to it again.

As for SyFy - yeah. This screams of New Management and of someone just going "Fuck them nerds, I'm out to make some dinero! Let's option Wrestlemania and buy or produce a fuckton of shitty ghost-hunting shows!"

As a whole, though, I have to agree with everyone else in that specialty channels are losing their edge. The only way they can survive is by turning into a turgid morass of whatever focus groups decide people want to see. Even National Geographic - Freaking NatGeo, one of the most respected print institutions - is letting its TV cousin turn into "Derp, let's talk about aliens, conspiracy theories, vampires and Atlantis for the 32rd time!"

rob and big buy a pony - the epic 12 episode season! - careful you dont give them any ideas

I think rob and big was amazing. Rob without big not so much. Before it was like crazy white guys spends his money and generally doesn't understand how the world works while his body card messes with him by playing along.

Kitsune Hunter:
If you thought Jersey Shore was bad, word of advice, don't watch Geordie Shore, it makes the cast of Jersey Shore(especially the most stupid one of all, Snooki)look like geniuses

I'd argue one with you on that... Whatever his name really is "the Situation" is a complete retard, see: the Comedy Central Roast where he made a complete idiot out of himself, whereas Snooki at least wasn't horribad when appearing on WWE. Granted saying one rock is marginally smarter than the other isn't really much...

Glad MTV won. Not only is it Disappointing, it is also a contagion. I blame it for the fall of the History Channel and The Learning Channel.

I have to say this, MTV is far worse than Syfy (I still hate that they changed the name). Syfy at least still has some enjoyable shows on there, and they still show old shows every once in a while. I still get a laugh at just seeing how bad some of their original movies can be, in which I will often make a joke about something and compare it to a Syfy channel original movie.

On the other hand I do not watch MTV whatsoever, I can feel my braincells dying whenever it is on. I never liked MTV even when I was little. There was only one show that I discovered on MTV2 that I found entertaining and that was "Celebrity Death Battle". Other than that show MTV is crap, in my opinion

And another thing SyFy bring back night stalker! The black and white one! But you can tell their demographic change. They renamed SciFi for the people who couldn't spell it. I forgot they should cut episodes of warehouse 13 with episodes of Friday the 13th the series and see if anyone notices. Cause it's the same show.

Definitely agree with this outcome. Dammit...I want my music videos and Liquid Television back!

Actually, speaking of disappointing cable stations, I have a suggestion for the next topic...

Which cable news channel is the MOST too far slanted to be considered news? MSNBC or Fox News?

Here's the ultimate MTV show: Jersey Shore Meets GWAR...AND THEN GWAR KILLS THEM ON-STAGE.

First time I have watched this video, pretty good!

OT: Seriously, whoever is in charge of Sci-Fi now (I refuse to call it syfy), needs to get beaten senseless.

I miss the good old shows and GOOD original programming.

I was going to say Cartoon Network because they said that they would play cartoons until the end of time but now they have live action

Fuck Cartoon Network too. All of their live action shows suuuuck, and only about half of their original animated shows are any good.

Now im annoyed and sad lol

wrestling killed stargate universe gah!

Only just started watching this series a couple of weeks ago, I really like it. Keep it up guys!

When I was a kid and we didn't have cable, Sci-Fi/Syfy always sounded like a channel I'd love to watch, but now I actually loathe everything it airs. At least MTV has Teen Wolf, which is a decent, always intriguing romp, miles above anything else they spew out.

That was probably the most tame and well mannered debate I have ever seen. It was just so calm and you guys both talked it out like gentlemen it was hard to believe it was a debate because usually I am used to arguments like- arguing lol. Well done you two.

OT: MTV hands down is so disappointing. Sure that Syfy (why did they change the name? sci-fi was much better) has been a running gag now but least it's still enjoyable and you can laugh at their movies like Sharktopus.

MTV however, I watched a few different shows on there over my friend's house to get a laugh out of the cheesy drama but- I didn't and nether did my friends. Jersey Shore is downright dumb, Snooki and Jwoww (don't even ask...), Teen Wolf is just a rip off of Twilight and pretty much a hot grab *cough*, and there's Daddy's Girls- ... uagaah. MTV wins automatically. I couldn't bring myself to laugh, nothing in those episodes were meant for people unless you like reality 'fake' drama or something like that.

At least SyFy still has Eureka and Alphas not great but worth watching, and I for one enjoy watching SyFy's B movie Saturday with a few friends.

MTV is in a pretty sad state atm. They cater to all the teens, dudebros, and swagaholics without giving much thought to the music and if they do it's in the early hours of the morning when nobody is up anyways.

Channels that are ruined for me is G4TV, fucking Cops, Ninja Warrior, and Cheaters all the time. WHERE'S THE GAMES?!?!

Cartoon Network... well I suppose it's fine but I don't like the new cartoons. Plus their live action stuff is complete crap.

Haven't watched Disney in years so can't comment.

Discovery is getting kind of... eh but I still enjoy it for the Mythbuster marathons they have every now and then.

I agree with MTV being the bigger disappointment.
... Especially as I have never heard of Syfy, being a danish resident.
MTV used to be a channel you could tune into and then listen to some great music while you were doing other stuff.

Ummm.... Syfy is amazeballs. It's one of the only clear nerd hubs on cable, so it gets my undying love. UNDYING.

EDIT: Just wanna say... think they switched from Sci-Fi to SyFy because it was obvious that they already had content that was not specifically science fiction.

Hands down MTV is the bigger disappointment. I mean as Dan and Kyle said...... "Everyone watched MTV" and " It was a longer fall." Those two reasons alone gain it the spot of winner, or in this case, loser.

I think this thread should have come with a poll of: "When was the last time you watched MTV?"

I miss watching Guns & Roses Welcome to the Jungle on MTV, that was cool. Snookie? UMMM REALLY!!!!?????

Crappy Sci-Fi movies are great drinking movies. Warehouse 13, Alphas, and Eureka are great shows and they really do good work with their mini-series.

At least SyFy still has Eureka and Alphas not great but worth watching, and I for one enjoy watching SyFy's B movie Saturday with a few friends.

Um..You do realize that Eureka just aired their last episode Monday right?

Does that still exist? I can't find it in my cable provider's listing. If that still exists in that form, I'm sure as shit pushing to subscribe to it again.

It exists, but it's not really what it used to be. It's still got the Star Trek series, Stargate series, and various other current/recent sci-fi shows, so I'd say it's doing a lot better than syfy. But I kind of liked Space a lot more back when it first came on the air. Back when they were brand new, they didn't seem to have a big budget and didn't have the license to show a lot of current shows, so instead they showed all of the Star Treks, some then current sci-fi TV, and then the rest was all kinds of 15-50 year old sci-fi TV and movies. A lot of the movies especially were fairly obscure genre pieces and it was awesome. I was exposed to so much stuff I never even knew existed in the first few years the channel was on the air. And it used to have short interview/science news segments which were really cool in between shows too.

Now it's the place I go to watch Stargate and Star Trek re-runs when nothing else is on.

MTV brought back Beavis and Butt-head and it was actually better than it used to be. That gives MTV one show that I'm interested in and they did it right. SyFy just has nothing for me and I love sci fi.

History Channel.

I was going to post this. As a history enthusiast the fall of the History Channel has been painful to watch, Discovery is on its way too, but they at least have Mythbusters and Shark Week to hold them afloat. I mean the History channel hasn't been great for quite awhile, it seemed like for most of the last decade the only thing they decided to show was World War II documentaries, but at least that's something. Looking at their current lineup, it's fucking embarrassing, Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars, Axmen, and lest we forget... Ancient Aliens *shudders*.

Growing up in Canada we didn't have MTV, we had MuchMusic which actually was pretty good, in the sense that you didn't have to pay extra to watch music videos. They would just show the godawful crap that was popular at the time, but given the Canadian Content Law you did at least occasionally get glimpses of good stuff like The Gandharvas. VJ George Stroumboulpoulos also made damn sure to include a lot of good stuff on when he ran MuchLOUD and even The Wedge had some good stuff.

Still I think it should be said that there were some really good TV shows that originated on MTV like Beavis and Butthead, Celebrity Deathmatch, Clone High, and my personal favourite, Undergrads, which is easily the most truthful depiction of college life I have ever seen.

As for the Sci-Fi channel... well besides offering up the occasional cult horror movie (where I first saw Dagon), I don't think the channel has ever been anything other than it is now, a dumping ground for bad original movies and the occasional decent TV series.

Man, was I excited to see this debate, as both networks are completely disappointing.

However, in a pure debate stand-point, the Sci-Fi side lost me. Why? Because my favorite era of Sci-Fi was the MST3K era, when it was more about showing movies and classic science fiction shows. In fact, the Sci-fi original series that were used as a crux of the argument are the very thing that I feel led us to where the Sci-Fi channel is now.

Likewise, I feel that MTV never really disappointed me as much as MTV2. By the time I had cable in my youth, MTV was already on the downslide. However, MTV2 was pretty awesome. I discovered many of the underground punk/metal/alternative bands I still listen to today from MTV2. Like was mentioned, it was the same downfall, but MTV2 was timed closest to my musical formative years, so I'm more personally affected by its suck-ening.

I respect the outcome of the video.

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