The Big Picture: Worlds Within Worlds

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Here's a creepy thought: The Mythbusters did a cameo on an episode of CSI. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are real people. Ergo, we are also imaginary.

Exactly. What makes you think whole world as we know it isnt just a simulation inside somones mind or computer? would the character know he is a character and not real? ofc not. so why cant we be?

Never mind a blown mind, I've got a cardiac arrest!

We can add Kill La Kill to the list now. There was a billboard with the Weyland-Yutani logo shown in the last episode.

So I recently... Alien ties in Predator due to the obvious sequel, which ties in to DC comics for when superman fought the Predator and Terminator - another Schwarzenegger property to bring in, but even more interesting is a poorly remembered arcade machine game character, Linn Kurosawa who appears in a few Capcom games, which Westphall canonizes a lot of Marvel, SNK, and Namco properties due to crossover fighting titles, as well as Tatsunoku characters. Though it's debatable whether this brings in the Resident Evil film series, which might go further but I'm not going to check. Seriously though, Westphall canonizing Capcom though, there's a lot there. So, Darkstalkers and other characters were lent out for a crossover with the NIS group in Cross x Edge and I'm an inch from bringing this back to canonizing most anime from the Disgaea anime and the generic Shounen Fighters... I think It's like Shounen Jump Fighting or something like that. My mind needs a short rest.

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