Let's Keep on Riddling!

Let's Keep on Riddling!

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's the best antagonist for everyone's favorite Bat?

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Mmm, pondering my own knowledge of batman mythos, I indeed come to the conclusion of the joker being the best villain, though admittedly including him makes for a boringly one-sided discussion. Other than that though, Riddler is a good villain because of how weak he is personally. It forces him to always change and present different angles of attack. Instead of any number of super-powered villains that just pull out a larger plant this week, or summon a dinosaur, or throw a rock (a big rock). Kindof reminds me of batman vs superman arguments (vs in terms of characters, not who'ld win a fight). Somewhat shows when the main three villains here are "normal" humans.

Though not the best by any means, Arnold Wesker does hold a certain special place in my heart.

At least he's better than Bane! Oooo contemporary commentary.

Random note:

Swartzenager Hercules vs Lou Ferrigno Hercules


In all honesty alot of people go into Superhero movies for the action sequences rather than the cat and mouse chess style games alot of us Riddler fans would love to see.

I'm no expert on bat-ucation however a villain I would have liked to have seen touched on is Harley Quinn, but she muscles in a little too close to Joker's territory unless you count Suicide Squad.

If I could make a suggestion for another topic?
Best Lord of the Rings Character!

Edit: Also when Riddler does get himself into a movie I want to see a scene where he's taunting Batman by holding his cane to his mouth like a microphone and says "Every day I'm Riddlin'" and then dancing around and laughing. I think that'd be a hilarious pop culture reference. Maybe a bit too Jim Carey but who can say.

I really wish they'd used The Riddler for the Dark Knight Rises, Bane was actually an excellent choice of villain and if the telling wasn't great, the perfect story elements were there, but the Riddler is fantastic.

Doesn't the Riddler have a really good arc too though that you didn't mention? I read on TV Tropes that one time the Arkham people work on his complusion and cure him of it but it just means now he commits crimes without leaving clues, but eventually he decides to become a detective and earn respect that way etc...

In any case, the Riddler and Joker are perfect villains together, they are both wacky but one in an intelligent way and the other in a manic one.

Chris is right Batman has an excellent gallery of villains because they each take a different aspect and have their own slot and most of all, they all say something about Batman. The Riddler is Batman's intelligence and the Joker his moral standing. Raz is Batmans sense of duty, Bane is Batman's competence and willingness to see a task through. Scarecrow is his use of fear and Penguin... I'm not sure about Penguin but Penguin is cool.

And then add in some Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy.(although why are all his female villains hyper sexual? I love Harley Quinn's origins enough to forgive it though and Catwoman in TDKR was brilliant)

As for Two-Face, I dislike Two-Face in 'duality' mode, the Dark Knights take, of a lawyer who becomes convinced that the only form of justice is random chance, is very cool, but someone obsessed with the number two is not so much)


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