Movie Trailers: Outpost: Black Sun - Trailer

Outpost: Black Sun - Trailer

Here you thought that since it was the 21st century you were safe from Zombie Nazis. You would be wrong.

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They still haven't made a Nyan Cat movie. I'm sure that's the next big geek obsession.
Vampiric Zombified, Nazi,Sovietly Russian, Pirate Nyan Cats attack. In space, with portals.

Well that looked at least as campy as Dead Snow...


Wait. That was approved for all audiences? I don't mind bad zombie movies, but a family film this is not.. XD

Looks like fun shlock, although it's taking itself a bit seriously for my tastes, as far as Nazi Zombies go.

It's got Jeff in it. There is no way I can take this nazi exploitation, sci-fi action flick seriously after seeing this:

Oh god... not another one. No, I'm not referring to the movie itself, but the trailer. Yet another trailer that make you see the whole story. Smart girl finds plot for nazis to take over the world with uber zombie soldiers, one town made up of a few huts gets ruined and about 10 marines die, 2 planes get destroyed, and then our simple girl and a few template soldiers end it all with one smart move in a small field in the middle of nowhere. Yey... Special effects too expensive? At least I won't bother wasting time to see the rest.

I don't think riding on a fad is a good way to make movies. Unless you don't care about the audience or reviews, then go for it.

Is it me or is it in a lot of zombie movies the lead hero is a heroine? (not that I have a problem with that - but I'd like to soccer mum beat up a zombie, not a 24 year old college graduate)

I hope this trailer is a marketer's attempt at tricking audiences, because I refuse to believe someone could think 'zombie nazis' work played straight (and someone else agreed hard enough to finance it). The horrible thing about nazis is that they were normal people acting super evil, turning them into literal monsters only works if you're going for camp.

All this trailer did was was remind me that Iron Sky STILL hasn't been released in the States! >:(

It's got Jeff in it. There is no way I can take this nazi exploitation, sci-fi action flick seriously after seeing this:

Why did he leave Coupling so early?

I saw this over a month ago, if you liked the first one, you'll like this, good twist at the end.

So it's Nazi Zombies: The Movie (I know of Dead Snow but I haven't seen it).Wait... they're an army of zombies right? Just shoot them in the head or blow them up. Just listen to Creature Feature. They know what they're talking about.

The first Outpost film was actually a fairly decent Brit horror affair. It was claustrophobic, menacing and at times quite disturbing. I'm not saying it didn't have it's faults the hastily CGI'd 'this is what the zombies will do' plan the soldiers find in an old projector looked a little too modern to have been from the 1940's. This new film looks like it's had a bit more money thrown it's way which could be a disadvantage. Anyway's I shall probably watch if only to see where they take the story.

Yeah the first one was a fun way to kill an evening, not brilliant mind, but but actually pretty good, if this is as half as entertaining, I'll quite happily drop like, twelve bucks on it. Lets not get crazy here.

I actually loved the first movie, kinda hard to tell what direction this one is heading in with the cheesy generic trailer. Then again, all trailers are pretty much exactly like that these days. I'll probably give it a watch anyway.

Who'd've guessed, Nazis are evil and taking advantage of evil magic. That's new.

Just shoot them in the head or blow them up.

Nice to see a few peeps here remember Outpost and in regards to the whole "dems Nazi Zombies, shoot der heads an kill em derp derp derp" THEY ARE NOT ZOMBIES!!!!! Its well explained in the 1st film, they can't die as they are not alive/undead in the first place, they were subjected to the field produced by the machine they spoke of in the trailer (based on Einsteins string theory) to make them immortal, not need to be fed, not bothered about the cold and able to teleport anywhere. After that they were "executed" but they didn't die as such, they just waited till the field was disrupted.

I typed this before I saw SouthpawFencer comment, shame to waste it :)

Well hellsing has a Battalion of Nazi Vampires so its better :-).


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