Our Little Pony

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I'm confused, can someone just give me the rundown on this? I heard MLP conventions were actually almost entirely male.

I don't know if anyone has replied to you on this but this is basically a jab at the people at game/anime conventions who basically interrogate girls and women that cosplay (some who even don't) about the characters they're cosplaying as, if they don't give satisfactory answers (If they don't know the characters birthday or something minute) they get harassed as an attention whore or poser. Usually this might come before or after being treated as a piece of meat by the same people.

I think you probably see where this strip is coming from with the gender role reversed in an environment most people tend to think of as friendly and non-threatening.

This was supposed to be ironic? I harass (sometimes sexually) the holy bejeezus out of bronies. It makes my black heart happy to see them squirm.

I'm so confuzzled...the levels of sarcasm are too much! WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER *BWAAAAAAA*
Confusion aside, BadTouch!Shy got a couple of giggles out of me. :P

Scars Unseen:

People seem to keep missing the point of the original article. It's not about how much geek cred one has, people are totally fine with varying levels of interest.

It was about the posers who have no interest in the subject at all.

I am now tempted to show up at one of these things with a necklace of shrunken pony heads and a shirt that says "Voodoo is Magic."

Ohhhh please do that and then come back here and describe in detail all the hate that you get or better yet do it while you carry a picket sign around with this picture on it

This is why I've always been uneasy with the "love and tolerate" motto bandied about so much by other bronies. All it does is give an opening to cries of hypocrisy when certain bronies act like asshats.

Bronies are no different from any other fanbase. Most of them are decent folk, but there's a lunatic fringe that should be avoided whenever possible. The sooner people realize that the better.

So I also decided to google Candlejack and found this

[spoiler] image [/spoil

So I also decided to google Candlejack and found this

[spoiler] image [/spoil

I saw what you di

This is fictional, isn't it?
But if it's not, can I get a ticket? I like the show well enough not to be a poser. And yes, sometimes my self-esteem is low, that's why I want a goddamn ticket (to the gala!).

Seriously, I think could last for a few hours of that. And at the last anime con I went to I just walked around for a few hours anyway.

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