Jimquisition: Photorealistic Sociopathy

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While I definitely agree that photorealistic graphics is not needed to make good emotional games, having good graphics definitely help. I recently played Xenoblade and The Last Story (Wii games), in many cutscenes I can't help but think "wow, this scene would be so much impressive if the character models have better detail". Giving developers a wide range of tools is never a bad thing. If devs want to go cartoony or anime style, they can do it now. But if they want to go fully realistic, we're not quite there yet, especially with the character models and facial expressions. There's nothing wrong with trying to get past the uncanny valley, and see what the other side holds.

The Heavy Rain comment was a low blow. Simply due to the fact that it is very difficult to actually get the game published that tests that line for sex and sexual themes without being dragged into the mainstream and being called pornography. At least despite failing it tried to actually be tasteful and tried to push the border for future developers to actually not be afraid to include sex in their game.

Amen to that. What does he expect, for Quantic Dream to actually try to successfully release an AO-rated game?

i was going to say that its obvious that graphics doesnt make a game but i remembered some of my friend that asked how is the graphic every time i suggest a game to them. pathetic sociopaths.

also i cant believe jim didn't name to the moon.

I pretty much agree with everything Jim said. Games like Final Fantasy VI with the opera, or Grandia with Feena & Leen, and so on.. totally unrealistic looking games that were able to evoke powerful emotions. Hell, Mother 3 has me so friggin' angry during the first chapter I was ready to break someone's face open cause I could feel all the rage and anguish that Flint was going through.

I would like to say one thing though about Bioshock Infinite. If the female lead continues to look the way she does, I'll probably not want to play it. Why? Cause having her tits practically about to fall out everytime she leans over is distracting as fucking hell. It's poor character design and just looks unattractive and doesn't fit with the visual style the previous two games had going. I'm perfectly fine with them wanting to lean slightly more towards cartoony or maybe McGee's Alice-esque style graphics. But gods, reduce the size of her breasts and/or cover them up a bit more.

If there's one thing I DO get pretty uptight about insofar as realism and whatnot go, it's believable breast sizes. Few things are less attractive than a woman who looks like she's been crushed so hard in the waist all her mass has gone to the hips/chest, and yet I still see this popping up in games. If you gotta breast fetish, there's online sites for that, but leave it outta the games I might wanna play.

EDIT: By the way, I actually mirror Jim's sentiments about Heavy Rain. It was laughable at best, and actually reminded me more of cheesy sex scenes in bad movies. Or just sex scenes in movies in general, which are usually pretty shit, anyways. I don't think it made the game any better, that's for sure. Last time I fell to the ground with my girlfriend we both got hurt, so I can also attest to the lack of believability in a game that's trying to be believable. Regardless of the issues with sex and rating.

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