Trailers: Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Linkin Park Trailer

Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Linkin Park Trailer

EA and Linkin Park team up to bring you a much more immersive gameplay experience than those other shooters without popular bands.

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i have zero interest in the game but im looking forward to the video. must get the new cd too

So, another game with a shitty emo music atached to it.Good job EA, now i have completely stoped giving a shit 'bout this game.I understand that bands like LP are supposed to be cool and hip(I don't know how 40year old men singing about how shitty their life is is cool and hip,but i digress), but LP haven't released anything worth lisining since 2003.

Perspective EA, perspecetvie

Not a very impressive trailer, but then, the game-play shown at E3 wasn't impressive either. Another brown and grey shooter trying to prove that it's gritty and realistic.

And it's a shame that Linkin Park has sold their souls to EA, of all people. Pretty sure this is at least the second time they've made a song for the MoH series.

sounds awesome to me
I like Linkin Park and I remember liking the last mash up of Medal of honor and linkin park

So they are trying to keep MoH franchise alive? Good luck.
Hey EA, how about sequel to BF2142 instead of BF4 and MOH:W?
Too much to ask? Ok, then keep waiting for my money.
Because at this point I'm more interested in CoD:BO2 (if only they would mostly stick to year 2025, not present day)

So, gonna post that story trailer? No? Okay.

How about doing a news post on that debate Greg Goodrich had with Tom McShea from gamespot about the game seeming to be a realistic shooter, even though it still has regenerating health? That thing was really interesting and informative as to the developers viewpoint in making the game? No? Okay.

Seriously, could you guys focus on things related to Warfighter that actually have to do with THE GAME? Not stupid stuff like this?

Yeah, Danger Close working with Linkin Park is kinda stupid, but it's really not worth paying attention to. Paying attention to it also gives the wrong impression about the game's soundtrack, which is being composed by Ramin Djawadi and thus has nothing to do with LP.


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