Trailers: Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Multiplayer Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Multiplayer Trailer

The explodey knives work perfectly with my poor aim.

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well, that was underwhelming...
"the future is black."? well I guess that makes this game positively gangsta now, don't it?

also, what was the point of that last bit with the voice over?

"Huh.... lets just see why this is the game im stopping before.... Actually, this looks pretty new... dang, thats pretty co.... Wait, did that guy just start running around with a pistol and a knife? And a quickscope? Nevermind...."

Yeah, my whole thought process. Not excited at all, to actually thinking about getting it, then back to not. Its looks like they started in a new direction until you get the COD cliche's in there.

Almost looked cool at first, then after a minute I realized it looked like it played exactly like every other CoD with a reskin. Also, would it kill them to improve the graphics? They have the largest budget of any developer, but still look like CoD4 2007-era graphics.

Actually starting to look forward to this now, I just hope it runs better than BLOPs did on release. Also, im not liking the inbuilt wallhack scope.

New HUD, a couple of new kill streaks and some fairly interesting gadgets...but overall it looks like it plays like any other COD.

*Shifts eyes and places money into an envelope*

.. .. You guys saw nothing.. *preorders Black Ops II* Nothing.

OT: I'm getting it for a few reasons. Yea it looks like the same gameplay and multiplayer from the previous games but why fix something that doesn't need to be fixed? To me, people love the multiplayer so much because anyone can own to their own accord. Also my Dad told me he's preordering this game and he wants me to buy it so we both may play together. Father and son time on video games - for the win.

Oh another reason is because everyone and their dog is getting it as far as I know. I can handle cliche' crap and some annoyances if it means all my close friends are going to be playing. Besides, it looks interesting and fun but really hope it's not that easy for someone to quick scope getting kills... otherwise it's Modern Warfare 2 all over again.

Ummmm....wasn't there already an article on this? One in which I made the prediction that the X-Ray scope featured in the 2nd clip of the trailer will likely become ridiculously overused?

*sigh* I miss the days of the Iron Sights, Red Dot, and ACOG...back when everyone got 1 UAV, 1 Airstrike, and 1 Chopper. Just wwwaaayyy "too much" in these new incarnations of the series.

Ever since i had a moment when i couldnt remember what version of cod i did or didnt have because they sort of blended together in my mind i stopped caring. must admit that there are alot of extra gimmics but at it's core it probably will be the same. but then this is what most people want and i dont blame them, just doesnt exite me anymore.

RJ 17:

*sigh* I miss the days of the Iron Sights, Red Dot, and ACOG...back when everyone got 1 UAV, 1 Airstrike, and 1 Chopper. Just wwwaaayyy "too much" in these new incarnations of the series.

CoD4, or as I refer to it, "The Before Time." Before we got ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+v shooters every year. And there is no difference. MW sadly jumped the rails, it really could've been something so much better, and really should never have been touched (or at least for several years, which was IWs original plan).

So let's just call it what it is: CoD MW 3.3ish... Same gameplay, quickscopings back, take the fun out of ambushing people with xray vision, yawn. Graphics look like they updated to about 2009, maybe, but I'm sure that same truck model that's been around since CoD4 is still going to be in it.

I suppose the most logical question is, how much longer can this go on? This is going to be the SIXTH game like this. Sure sports games come out every year, but even those get more changes than CoD seems to.

Hahaha! The knife throw sound is the exact same one from Goldeneye.

Kinda looked interesting actually. I still won't get it because of how Blops shgafted us with it's bots, but I like their thinking.


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