No Right Answer: Worst Comic Book Death Ever

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I disagree that the death of Superman didn't have an iconic image. After all, it has this:

However, I agree with some people here that consider the death of Captain America the worst...

The Human Torch:

The New Avengers were fantastic as an underground superhero team, trying to desperately survive against the Hood and his band of super-villains. It all worked, I liked the fresh team with (relatively) unused characters as the Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman and Mockingbird.

Fear Itself tried to be massive and dramatic, but it just shot itself in the foot. Thor's death was completely lackluster because Thor died and was resurrected not even a year before Fear Itself and in one of the first episodes, it was said that Thor had to die to kill the Serpent. Way to ruin the (underwelming) surprise.

It also completely undermined the drama of Asgard being destroyed and the Asgardians being stuck on Midgard, since Odin just takes everybody back over a rainbow bridge and into a new Asgard that he creates by just snapping his fingers. To me it always seems like comic-book writers do their best to completely ruin the work of previous writers.

Ben Grimm almost dies from having Thor's hammer thrown right through him, but Franklin pops up and heals him with awesome power that his dad says that he shouldn't use.
When I read that, I was like: "but why don't you use Franklin to stop the DESTRUCTION OF THE PLANET AND IT'S PEOPLE!".
No, instead we have to sacrifice half the planet's populace because Tony Stark has to make magic weapons in Odin's forge. Complete and utter bullshit.

I've been more focused on the cosmic books recently just to separate myself from the current workings of Marvel and the regular Earth heroes. I'd never read them and realize how huge of a mistake that was, Guardians of the Galaxy is a friggin awesome team. Of course Marvel has no current cosmic stories going on, except for possibly in Avengers Assemble but that book was created simply and totally because of the Avengers movie, so I'm trying to ignore it and hoping they don't completely trash Thanos as a character in it.


Why are they "comparing" the "Death" of "Superman" to Knightfall? They decided Knightfall was the worst "death" because he doesn't "actually" "die" but Batman "actually" "does" "die" in 52, so why not "compare" it to "that"?

He doesn't actually "die" per say, and its in Final Crisis, but I'm with you on this one.

Ah right you are. The covers always have me confused.

So... Wait...
You included Batman getting his back broken in this, because it was 'like a death', but in the end decided Superman's death was better because it was actually a death?

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