Movie Trailers: Antiviral - Trailer

Antiviral - Trailer

David Cronenberg brought you such classics as eXistenZ and Videodrome and now the director of this film.

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Quite enjoyed the end of the trailer, funny. I still need to see Videodrome, excited for this movie.

That looked pretty cool....creepy, but cool. I will have to see this as soon as its released.

Ok... I loved ExistenZ - but I got an odd human centipede style vibe from this trailer

Great to see Nicholas Campbell in a big budget flick. He's a great actor!

gods i hate needles gonna be queezy all night now.....

OK... I generally like anti-fame-mongering messages, but I get the feeling most of the intellectual debate in this film would be lost in the atmosphere of horror, since primitive fear often overpowers logical thinking. The reason the message of anti-consumerism worked in Dead Rising was because the game itself parodied the horror, rather than making it the main stylistic focus.

Started interesting about critiquing celebrity obsessions, and turned into some sort of horrory-thing. Can't help but feel confused about what the film is actually about.

Seems like the second bit is about harvesting human beings. Seems tacked-on. It could be explained in the film but it's makes no sense at all in the trailer.

Interesting... but i have NO clue on what was going on. Besides the celebrity obsession, and needles.

So to be a celebrity you need to have contracted flesh eating bacteria and work for the Union Aerospace Corporation?


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