Jimquisition: Old Man Mario

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Old Man Mario

Everybody knows Mario, most people love him, but is Mario being Mario enough anymore?

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Hi Jim. I haven't seen the video yet since I usually like downloading them before I do. But I noticed it isn't listed on your podcast page yet. Any idea when it will be up? Thanks.

We all know that if there's one thing Mario needs help with,

Is this the part 2 to your "I Hate Videogames" episode's part 1? Or is that never coming?

Usually a Mario game sells a Nintendo system for me (see: Super Mario Bros. DS ["New" prefix is stupid] and Super Mario Galaxy).
The 3DS and its Mario games have not enticed me, even though they are at a reasonable prices.

If Nintendo really wants to push the "retro" button until it breaks, they might as well push it as many times as it can, as in bring in EVERY element from the older games into Super Mario Bros. U. I'm talking about Blooper families, Chucks (football koopas), Rip Van Fish, Shy Guys, the whole assortment across the older games. Now THAT would sell me on the WiiU, give or take a Super Mario Galaxy 3 that evolves the series like Super Mario Bros. 3.

Too early in the thread for the inevitable shit-storm?
Personally, I haven't been excited for a SMB game in bloody ages. I can see where Jim is coming from.

Is this the part 2 to your "I Hate Videogames" episode's part 1? Or is that never coming?

It's coming.

I totally get what you are trying to say, and you are right to a point. However I don't agree that anyone has done what Mario does better. Super Meatboy had better and more refreshing platforming, true. But Mario games are more about just trial&error platforming. It has enemies to fight throughout all the stages, and I've found that helps balance out the fun. I also think FPSs were once much more fun when they had more to do then just point and shoot. I liked finding keycards, actually being able to swim, uncovering secrets, etc. Sure, FPSs of today have MUCH better shooting mechanics, that's not even debatable. But current FPSs aren't necessarily superior, since they lack all those other things that broke up the monotony of just pointing and shooting a gun. Mario isn't the best game, and it is showing it's age, but I don't really see any games today trying to do what Mario does (which is funny since there was 100 clones back in the day). (Okok, there is Rayman, but that's a rare gem) I don't want to see Mario go away because it's one of the few platformers we have left, and one of the few platformers that remembers the genre was about more then just jumping.


I thoroughly enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy, so I thought 'Hey, SMG2, now with Yoshi!'

Same setting, same music, I just wasn't interested in playing that any more.

I'm not crazy about the "New" series. They're just an officially made fan game. A lot of fun to play, but not of substance. That being said, they make money. So Nintendo does have reason to make them.

And the big, massive mind-blowers typically come out once a generation after the NES. Super Mario World, Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy... plenty of interesting spin-offs, but those are more distractions to keep making money until the real meat comes along. Of course, then there are the surprises like the Mario RPGs.

Galaxy 2 was an exception, but it came around the time of the "New" titles, so it wasn't helping with the whole "showing his age" thing. As long as the "New" series doesn't interrupt the REAL new Mario games, I'm fine.

Still, I'm curious what the WiiU 3D Mario Platformer will be. Where can one go after Galaxy?

What game is that at 3:08?

Not only are the new games uninspired, they dilute any love I had for previous games; I tried replaying Galaxy a couple of months ago, and it inspired no emotions in me, I'm burned out on everything it does.

So how long until someone brings up Moviebob still liking Mario games?

What game is that at 3:08?

It's Dynasty Warriors 7. Picked it up myself last month and am having a blast with it.

I agree with most of the things stated in this video, though I haven't really been into Mario since the SNES era. Mario 64 was nice enough, but during that same generation (the 5th gen) the game got surpassed on every level by other platformer games - which made me wonder why they never made a sequel to Mario 64 on the N64 console to reclaim their position.

Mario Sunshine had some of the lowest scores a "main" Mario title ever had. It was also released around the same time we got Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and Sly Raccoon - other platformer titles that were very enjoyable and developed new, interesting mechanics without depending on nostalgia. Now that the new Mario game wasn't released before the onslaught of other platformer titles, people started to realize Mario games aren't THAT great. They're good, but they aren't worth the showers of "perfect scores".

Then the 7th gen happened...

These days, the only competition Mario gets from the platformer genre is the LEGO franchise - which is a sad statement in and of itself.

Why try harder if nobody's challenging you...

Nintendo should have Mario take on the 4th dimension next, complete with paradoxes that need to be resolved into stable time loops.

Dynasty Warriors games rule

is DW7 any good?

So what I'm getting from this video is... that they need to make a third Yoshi's island game.

Sadly enough I can't really argue with any of that.

CoD has been doing the same for years and look what they achieved.

This week's episode reminded me of the underlying setting for There Will be Brawl in so many ways.


Yeah, argument is sound. Problem is will Nintendo do anything to solve it?

Also, I played SMeatB and RO and, well, I don't like those as a potential evolution to platformers as there was none of the charm of the pre Galaxy 2 mario games and only "You fucked up? Ohohoh! Start over, you jackass!" smarmyness. Something that got even more obvious in the bosses (Rayman especially).

I think if nothing else, besides refusing to evolve at all (Nintendo's problem) there's the risk of evolutionary dead ends; stuff like FFXIII which basically refused point blank to allow the player to play as it had more fun with itself.

LoZ is the only Nintendo franchise I even care about at this point. Can't really be bothered to talk about Mario games when I'm completely apathetic towards them.

Yeah, argument is sound. Problem is will Nintendo do anything to solve it?

They will likely make four or five pathetic failed attempts before finally putting Mario to rest, or actually manage to produce something new and enjoyable. Sadly for many of us it will still have that too little too late feel about it.

The ending was brilliant, Jim. You pretty much said "Thank God for me, bitch!"

Well, thank God for you, Jim.

Mario is the COD of Japanese games. They make the same game every year and make shit loads of money. If the audience is fine with it, whatever, have fun I guess? But then again, I missed most of the Mario storm when I was a kid (Didn't have a console until the playstation era, most of my gaming came from Doom and other old DOS PC games), so maybe I'm missing something.

Jim should do that, explain the episode thing at the end of every episode to help stem the tide of the stupids.

Dynasty Warriors games rule

is DW7 any good?

DW7 is a solid return to form after DW6, but Warriors Orochi 3 is really where it's at. That game is pretty much the perfect Warriors title.

I knda find it funny how little bitches like moviebob whine how call of duty hasnt changed for SOOO long , but never says anything about mario .

Nintendo should have Mario take on the 4th dimension next, complete with paradoxes that need to be resolved into stable time loops.

Super Mario World: Mario Meets the Elder Things. Now with Sanity Meter!

I'd buy that. Instant Game of the Year.

For serious. :)

*sigh* Mario, Mario, Mario... how the mighty have fallen.

Having barely played Mario Galaxy 1 (like 20 minutes in a friend's house), I IMMENSELY enjoyed Mario Galaxy 2, but I hated the "New" Super Mario Bros. on both the Wii and the DS.

Having played Super Meat Boy (and achieving 100% and going for a second playthrough) and Rayman Origins, heck, even Sonic Generations... Mario is getting old. Sure, Sega took like 10+ games to get Generations right and the entire game is supposed to rely entirely on nostalgia, but at least they took everything that worked in the past and make an amalgam of awesomeness, while still feeling new enough.

Mario is getting a bit repetitive and Nintendo seems to be running out of ideas, but at least there are far worse "rehashed" games out there that ask way more money each year.

I always found mario to be too much of the same over and over again, and I never owned a nintendo console (before the Wii, and what a waste of money that was) so I never got hooked on the nostalgia into thinking that any of nintendos shit was actually good.

And Jim, if not liking Mario makes me a war criminal, I have no problem being considered that! :P

Now excuse me while I go commit genocide in Sword of the Stars.

I'm starting to get the feeling that Nintendo are starting to falter ever since Miyamoto stepped down.

I hope Moviebob watches this so he can stop squeeing over seeing a goddamn tanuki feather in a trailer.

Captcha: Be Serious Now

Yes, yes you should.

I'm apparently a war criminal.

Platformers are, by and large, boring for me.

Soviet Heavy:
I hope Moviebob watches this so he can stop squeeing over seeing a goddamn tanuki feather in a trailer.

Captcha: Be Serious Now

Yes, yes you should.

I agree, it's one reason that I rarely watch Game Overthinker anymore, on occasion he has some interesting points, but when it comes to Nintendo it seems they can do no wrong which really pisses me off. No company is perfect.

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