Movie Trailers: Tai Chi 0 - Trailer

Tai Chi 0 - Trailer

Steampunk Tai-Chi? Where do I sign up?

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Where's the giant metal spider?

Hopefully they left it out this time.

I liked Detective Dee and this at least looks interesting, should be fun.

Did that guy enter the Avatar state (glowing eyes)?

Overall it look alright, I may check out in the future.

Probably check it out. Wouldn't be surprised if it ends up on netflix.

A Steampunk Ying&Yang symbol is probably one of the coolest things I've seen.

I wonder if anyone would dare do a stay-true-to-the-source-material Steampunk re-imagining of the Bible. I know the Bible has nothing to do with the above video. I'm just brain storming.

well this movie is certainly going on my to watch list... assuming that it'll ever come to denmark

Between this and the man with the iron fists I have to ask, with hope in my heart... has the Raid inspired a Kung Fu film rennaissance?

My god! Jade empire the movie!
Ok, A steam punk Kung Fu movie can only be in one of two places, the best movie ever or worse than "Clones of Bruce Lee".


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