Trailers: Resident Evil 6 - Gamescom Trailer

Resident Evil 6 - Gamescom Trailer

Watch Jake shoot all the things.

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60% cutscene/uncontrolled sequences and a break option for when you're trying to speed away from death.

Im calling it now, Wesker Jr. is actually just a Wesker Clone.

You can walk while you shoot?
...the fuck kinda Resident Evil game is this going to be with that sort of gameplay option?

In all seriousness i guess it's time to try out that demo and see just how everything plays out.

You know, there was about thirty seconds where I thought this was going to be some kind of humans-only pure action segment. It even got me distracted by think about the state of the world and firearms in an Umbrella corporation age. And then one of the dudes burst into a giant lava vagina, and I felt much better.

I still don't know what to make of this game, i have watched a few trailers but still i'm not going to hold my breath since capcoms leading team member is clearly stealing story ideas from his sons school English work as Dragons Dogma so clearly shown us. Resident Evil 4 was the only resident evil game i liked new gameplay, story plot, inventory system etc.Re5 tried doing it but of course it was shit as was the sidekick and why kill Wesker in all fairness he was probably the most liked character in the game even though considering he dressed and acted camp.
And supposedly this bald twat in the trailer is Weskers son Alex Wesker if this is true then i have 2 questions 1 when did Wesker find time to get some tart up the duff while destroying the world 1 country at a time apparently and 2 who the hell did he shack up with knowing him probably a tyrant. so no not looking forward to it because although it looks promising to be last in the series it doesnt mean capcom cant make a few other resident evil side story games what happened with civilians like they did with outbreak. or a reboot which i have also been hearing about. if this is true they should of done it 11 games back.


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