Darksiders II Review

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I quite like the gameplay & etc but one thing I dislike, is the battle sequences/ phases. In parts, you're locked inside closed areas that you have to unlock by defeating all the enemies. I feel like all that was put there just to postpone my God-like rage upon the Bosses or objective.

I actually hope it fixes that or actually adds some kind of significance to those boring side-battles. It was a game that took me 2/3 days to complete. Though, without the random battles... Eh, it'd probably be about the same, just I'd get to the point faster.

A game I remember being like this, is Ghost Rider. And that game I loved for different battles to get from A to B, but when I saw Darksiders was basically like that BUT with an actual story and freedom to roam about... It kind of kill some of my enthusiasm to play.

Darksiders has a lot of puzzles and other thing you need to do. Like: using the hook-rope, portal-gun, fist-of-fury (Can't remember what it's called) to move boxes from one side of the room to the other, and etc, etc. But I didn't feel like they needed to add those random fights. All they did was bore me and make the game seem longer than what it was. If there enemies around, I'm going to kill them (unless it's the same ones that keep respawning constantly and just get harder so I get harder to catch) and yeah...

Maybe I just didn't quite get it. I mean, to climb up things and go places, you have to wipe out enemies anyway. Maybe this is just personal to me, to that I didn't like the battle scenes that were over-used.

Or maybe it's because they were over-used.

I'm still conflicted.

I want THQ to succeed and I enjoy platforming games, but on the other hand the cartoony-angsty World of Warcraft aesthetic really kills it for me.

I think aesthetics are gorgeous.

I will surely get this game, even though it's a console port. I hear it runs really well on PC. It just lacks graphics options, but apparently the developer promised that they will make a config.ini file in the next patch.

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Great review Mike!

I already bought and finished the game and was very pleased by it.I really hope this game sells well and we will get a Darksiders 3&4 which would mean we will have to play with Strife and Fury,but after playing this I really want to play more Death.:P

This game is just so boring,and it's stretched like hell, dont buy it if you dont have a problem with sleeping

Micheal Wincott Is the Voice of Death. You heard me. the man who Played Top Dollor, Rochfort, and Guy of Gisboure (in The Crow, The Three Musketeers, and Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves Respectfully.) Is The voice of the Pale Rider. This alone should warrant a look see

Finally got my hands on this game. Was really looking forward to it and it is good, I just think the whole 'death'-thing is misleading. This Death doesn't got around causing horror and despair (except on demons that are already loaded with it), this is a hero who just wants to fight for good, for...life actually. Well that's my impression so far, it's kinda uncanny or something.

Is the combat still as boring as it was in the first one?

Great fighting mechanic.

I can see gameplay getting decent marks for this, but for story already I feel a little awkward playing a guy called Death who resembles playing a certain spartan we all know. Death needing help do anything is a little far fetch for a person with such a reputation. Yet it is a story so I will always keep an open mind. Someone put some thought into it enough for them to spend money to make it that way, so you never know.

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