Trailers: Navyfield II - Gamescom Trailer

Navyfield II - Gamescom Trailer

Now you can be considered a threat on either land or water.

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Finally, a game that has on Naval Combat be more than limited Air Units.

saintdane05, have you played the first NavyField? This is just a 3d version of the game released in 2006, know for it's awful balance issues and incredible instability. Oh yea, this is an MMO.

I was playing very regularly as a fletcher class destroyer for the entire game till i unlocked my first carrier. This was before the game went pay to play and i subsequently quit. But at the time it was very well balanced (except for the cv classes who its either go big or go home) and very stable. Didnt have to use the cashshop for elite sailors or officers either.

The fletcher is the first destroyer class you unlock (a single step up from your usless lvl 1 ship) in the american side. You unlock more as your bridge officer lvls up, some better than the fletcher but let me tell you that this little ship of mine could go toe to toe with the larger light cruisers. Yeah the heavy cruisers will knock you out near in one salvo but there was alot of versitility for any ship (but the carriers) to really augment your vessel, be that with bigger guns at the sacrifice of smaller though double barrled, armor you can load up or choose not to for more speed, experienced crews who can reload faster, repair faster on the field and even reduce casualties more.

I dont play at all anymore, i havent gone back since they went pay to play, they removed that requirement a few months later but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. I have no reason to defend this game anymore but i say this becuase for its time it was pretty well balanced all things considering and there were no stability issues on my end and if there were they must have been insignificant since i dont remember them at all.

Im going in with skeptic optimism. Where else can you play a battleship mmo right? Adjust the wieght of your craft for speed? Add a torpedo bay or more guns? What caliber do you perfer for dmg? More damage at the risk of slower moving shots, muzzle velocity. Do you train your crewes to be destoyer specialists or start them on the pilot route? Deck armor for defense against high flying shots or bilge armor for defense against torpedos? bulk armor for regular ship vs ship? Its alot of fun outfitting you ship for battle. As a kicker the music was great too. And they only ever had two tracks on the battle field and one track in your harbor (german, japanese, american, U.K harbors all have thier own theme) in a continuous loop. It never got old those songs.


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