Trailers: Shadow Company - Gamescom Trailer

Did someone spill coffee on a copy of COD?

I...I just can't do it. I was slightly elated when it panned over the "powered by Unreal Engine" (We need another UT), but then it suddenly switched to Modern Shadowfare 2:HD Battlefield Edition.

This is why we can't have nice things.

YES! Um.....

Yeah, sorry...

I already have a copy of Borderlands 2 pre-ordered for my singleplayer centric FPS needs. Likewise, Im far more interested in Blops 2 once I learned of the 10 point system.

Eh, looks extremely generic. Besides the kinda parkour like elements which we don't even see from the first person perspective it just looks like another modern shooter. I'll stick with Battlefield 3.

I notice alot of Helo-splosions. Also, don't care at all due to generic lookingness. BTW why does the OP say

Team Hollywood:
Shut up and take my money!


There is literally nothing to distinguish from any other "dudebro" shooter. Even the "bullet time stills" bit is unoriginal.

I was hoping it had something to do with Shadow Complex.

Wasnt ShadowCompany a teamscale-strategy-commando-something?
Like jagged Alliance...
And now it goes the same way...
Whats wrong with this world?

Awww. at 1:23, it looks like the bullet has found a new home in the guy in the middle of all the Medal of honor warfighter screen shots.

How cute and devilishly 90's!


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