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Why is (is that Gary?) making out with and marrying Korra? All my fan-fics are ruined!



Highly impractical. Then they'd make no distinction between the person ordering them around and the other slaver. If your opponent can stop all your attacks by yelling stop, then the creature is worthless.

And when you don't need to do something, you lose all memory of ever being able to do it. Like how, the day they retire, professionals lose all memories of how to perform their old jobs. And how amputees forget what its like to have an arm. Forgetting how to bite is not something trivial - it shows that their mental capacity is extremely limitted, to the point that they are unable to remeber how to close their jaws on another thing.

Evidently they can't be nursed back to health, or they'd actually get back up without outside aid. Anyway, that doesn't adress my point of fainting being roughly the same as sleeping.

Because that would require they be captured again, which would diminish their intelligence so much they become a vegetable.

Harmony does not exist in nature. At all. Life is a kill or be killed struggle between the species - with the sole exception of symbiotic species, there is never a case of several predatory species living together without eating each other.

You're grasping at straws now.

If any of this is stated in one of the games or in the anime then I agree with you. Otherwise you're applying the rules of our world to their world, which is ludicrous.

No, I'm applying simple logic. I'm assuming that still applies.

One question. what of the ancient pokeballs/artifacts. or better yet.. heres a link

pokeballs are strange. and i think its something we'll never truely know the answers to. also... what every happened to the gs ball.

Grenge Di Origin:

electric is normal effective against rock.

Okay orange, go boot up a copy of FireRed, capture a Pikachu in Viridian Forst, and challenge Brock. Use Thundershock. Humor me.

Electric has no effect against ground. It is just that Brock's rock pokemon were also part ground. Electric is still super effective against the Omanyte/Omastar, Kabuto/Kabutops and Aerodactyl despite all of them being rock type pokemon.

I'm not saying 20 was a lot, but the argument was that Ash hasn't caught more than 10. All I had to do was prove it wrong.

Wasn't the one who made the image. ~30 pokemon captured sucks, no matter how you look at it, especially if you're going to multiple reasons. We're talking about the aptitude of the trainer, and Ash fails in this respect. Hard.

as I said, I was only arguing against the picture, since that was all you used in that post. It doesn't matter what else you say in that argument, I proved it wrong. That is enough.

Then you tell me, what pokemon other than the ones I listed does Red canonically have? You can't, because that's all he canonically has. No amount of idolization can change that. To top that off, the only one of those pokemon that was caught was Snorlax. The rest were either given to Red, or Red stole.

When you have all three starter pokemon canon flies out the fucking window.

Does it? Because when events in 1 part of a series agree with a later part of the series as established facts, those become canon. In Pokemon Yellow, all three starters were obtainable without trading, outside tools or glitching to move outside of the parameters of the programmers. In video games, that stuff is canon.

Steven Stone was Champion so long he got bored of the position and left. He left to look at rocks. He was that bored of being Champion.

Fine. One exception. Point: Orange.


Yeah, but at least Blue isn't such a wuss that he faints.

Suppose you lost a trainer battle. How the hell can you go to the pokemon center if you're knocked out? "Blacking out" (or "whiting out" in FR/LG) represents the outcome of a battle, like fading out in cinematography. It's not like it's part of what "literally" happened.... unless it's like that one part in Victory Gundam where that one Shrike pilot got incinerated with a beam saber. That sucked.

I was always under the impression that Prof Oak is watching every single thing you do (which is why he can tell you to not use a fishing rod on a tree) and that he installed some sort of tracking device on the pokedex he gives you allowing him to teleport you to the last pokemon center you used. He is a researcher after all, perhaps at some point in his studies he found out how to replicate the pokemon's move Teleport for human application.

only because there is no basis of judging how Red actually does against Blue.

We DO know that he beat Blue in the Pokemon league. That HAD to count for something. Imagine if you just beat the Elite Four, became champ, and then your title was taken away almost immediately after. That had to be the greatest dethroning/ultimate ownage of Blue... ever.


I'd give you that one BUT when you rematch the E4, guess who is still champion. So between the time you defeat Blue and continue your game, Blue beats you as well.

captcha: true blue

that's right! Even captcha agrees with me.

*puts up flameshield*

ALRIGHT, back up you useless mongrels, back the hell up! No more fire, putting it all out! Go back to your mediocre lives not because it is easy but because it is hard! That is all.

Sweet christ your fanboyish complaints are doing my head in...


A delightful skewering of the Pokemon series and the somewhat bizarre world it inhabits.

Also, that grumpy Charizard picture is hilarious!

If you wanna apply real world logic to pokemon you're going to have a bad time..........

Seriously people, fantasy world, fantasy rules... in the Pokemon world the only animals are pokemon. In the pokemon cartoon the kids have been shown driking milk and eating meat.


Actually in the begining of the series Proffesor Oak ate a crabby. I think it was Gary's crabby too. Ash's was to small for him to eat

I think Red is getting the better side of this deal, sure Gary has moved on and gotten married, but Red getting a freaking fire breathing dragon.

Gary/Scrotum Oak hounds Red for fights for an entire game and I beat him down every time so the karma of him being haunted by Red for his entire life is perfectly justified.

In Red's defense, if I had a pet fire-breathing dragon and a friend who had a pet giant turtle with water cannons on its back for me to fight, I probably wouldn't want to give up that lifestyle either ;)


I mean how would we treat a kid who kidnapped a wolf puppy, kept it in a cramped cage, took it to a dog fighting fighting ring, then walked around BY HIMSELF.

Eh its just a game I get it but the basic premise is almost as flawed as ME3

Have you actually played..any of the games? a lot of your points are addressed. By the game. which you've played(?)

Point 1. the pokeball turns things into energy and stores them. I don't see you championing the rights of electrons stored in/generated by a battery.

Unless you do, in which case, carry on.

Point 2. It isn't really kidnap. It's a) self defence b) capture of something that oddly enough, wants to be caught and is jealous of tame pokemon.

Point 3. What, adults can't walk around by themselves either? Giving a kid 6 living weapons and telling him to be on his way isn't actually that bad of an idea, seeing as everyone is doing it.

So to sum up, all of your criticisms have been dealt with in games/anime/manga.

I recommend you actually play the game.

EDIT: And your badass wolfkid? I'd probably give him a high five, for getting an angry wolf to stay in a cage.

Red was kind of a bigger douche than Gary unintentionally anyway
Rubbing his Pokemon league grand championship in Garry's stupid orphan face just after Gary finally won it as a promise to his departed Pokemon
I'm sure you're raticate will devastate my team, oh wait IT'S DEAD MUHAHHAHAHAHA

You...know I never understood the appeal of Pokeman.

Its like some combination of dog fighting, poaching, animal abuse, and saying its okay to do them.
You kidnap a wild animal, train it to become a violent fighter, and throw it into ring after ring just for YOURSELF.

Why is PETA not angry about that?
I mean hell you stuff them into cramped containers to move them, so all most of them seem to know is fighting.

I mean how would we treat a kid who kidnapped a wolf puppy, kept it in a cramped cage, took it to a dog fighting fighting ring, then walked around BY HIMSELF.

Eh its just a game I get it but the basic premise is almost as flawed as ME3

Someone call PETA. Tell them the electric mice and fire lizards are being abused.

Never mind that every episode of the series hammered a 'peace, love and kindness' message down everyones throat, lets focus on how you could draw parallels to less innocent real world problems.

Tom and Jerry was also a how to guide in beating up your friends.

I honestly think people underestimate a kids ability to contextualize.

Not once did I think 'bet I could do that' when watching Pokemon, then go out and kidnap a wolf puppy or some insane shit. I had this really bizarre ability to tell the difference between outlandish fantasy in cartoons and real life.


Speaking of, where did the rest of you guys get Gary "Motherfucking" Oak from?

It's a meme. Mainly referring to how ridiculous he was in the show.

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