Trailers: The Last of Us - Gamescom Trailer

The Last of Us - Gamescom Trailer

This isn't the last you'll hear of The Last of Us.

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The more and more I see of this game the more excited I get. Can't wait till it come out.

It looks fantastic. Both the gameplay and writing have been spectacular in what I've seen so far about this game.

You know it never occurred to me before this year, but between Journey and the announcement of Beyond: Two Souls and this game I'm really starting to think I might need a PS3.

If Sony continue selling their platform on the merit of unique, innovative games with high quality narrative then they may just have hooked this sucker.

Gameplay and character writing looks really good.
I hope the over-arching story (what ever form it is) is satisfying.

Almost tempted to get a PS3 based on that....almost.

Oh well perhaps we'll get a poorly implemented PC port one day ;)


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