Movie Trailers: Branded - Trailer

Branded - Trailer

For this guy all consumption is conspicuous.

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This movie looks REALLY interesting and I can't wait to see it.

Anyone notice there was an Apple in the bottom right corner also, wonder if intentional has to go a with the rabid consumerism of this trailer. =p

That trailer shows way too much. I stopped it halfway through and I still feel as though I've had the movie spoiled. I never learn my lesson.

Well you THOSE corporations sure aren't people!

Looks worth the watch.
Shame it feels like it spoilt a lot (invasion, what the monster looks like). It'd have been better if they withheld that. I guess, in a way, nowadays we have such short attention spans they assume that they have to, to make us go see the thing.

Welp, that was a fun movie to watch. Bit short though.

Hmmm... Re-branded Matrix?
They build the world
they rule the world...

Yep sounds like the Matrix to me.


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