Movie Trailers: The Apparition - Trailer

The Apparition - Trailer

Draco Malfoy has been messing with the dark arts again.

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Looks fairly interesting. If the CGI doesn't go too over the top, this could be pretty good.


The catch-phrases are getting dumber and dumber

Looks like they solved the plot hole of isolated hauntings in a lot of ghost films.

Wasnt the whole "once you beleive, they can get you" idea from Skeleton Key? in fact i also think i saw the Grudge kid in the there as well, along with some themes from Shutter and Poltergiest. At least its not a found footage film.

Scientific theory?

The last thing that is needed in the world is people getting more confused between the definition of theory and Hypothesis.

Change that line and I might allow myself to enjoy this.


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