It's All In Good Humor

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I feel like if anyone DEATH should be allowed to morose all the time lol :P

unfortunately it seems the opposite of a super serious lead character just leads to an annoyingly sarcastic and smugly overconfident character

Yes, DEATH should be grim and grumpy, but that should make him the perfect straight man to anything else.

Eh... Discworld's DEATH is a far better take on the matter - who more than DEATH would know that life is just a great big joke? And, he gets front-row seating to almost all the Darwin Award auditions!

And, think of all the punchlines he gets to use!

Mouse One:


... a game called "Starship Titanic" that was written by Douglas Adams, which might fill the void if you could find it, since it covers the same kind of humor as "Hitchhikers" while not simply re-treading the old material. Likewise there was a "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon" game at one point if your a Spider Robinson fan.

Thanks for the suggestions. I've always wanted to play Starship Titanic, but haven't figured out how to get/run it on a modern system. Terry Jones had a big hand in it, if I remember correctly.

Didn't know about a Callahan's videogame. Not the first story series that springs to mind for a game adaptation! "You are in a pub. An alien walks in. You a) listen to his life story and solve his problems via the magic of talking b) tell a pun so bad it's...well, still bad pun or c) have a drink"

Well, there is a little more to Callahan's, both the Saloon and the one shot spin off about the Brothel (Callahan's Lady) than that, it's built on a probability nexus which pretty much means that not only does all that wierd crap happen there, but in an unlikely turn of events almost anything really bad that can be averted can be stopped there by sheer chance, which is partially why it was constructed. Hence the patronage of temporal cops, and how genocidal alien cockroachs or whatever will just happen to wind up arriving there. :)

The Callahan's video game dealt with the creators of the universe pretty much deciding to shut it down as a failed experiment, one of the jokes was that the creator spearheading this was "Gingranich" (a parody of Newt Gingrich, which should let you know the era), basically it comes down to the patrons of Callahans to prevent this as they by raw chance (Probability Nexus) happen to be in a position to prove the universe is worth saving. "You" (as it's an adventure game) can avert this of course and just happen to walk into the bar by dumb luck, and wind up working with various characters from the books.

It was a reasonably good set up for an adventure/problem solving game given the source material.

It's fairly obscure, so it came to mind as one you might not have heard of, no idea where you could find it nowadays though.

As far as Starship Titanic goes, it might require you to run it through Dosbox (which I have had little luck ever making work), if you can even find it nowadays, I don't think I've even seen it on Abandonware sites, though I haven't spent a lot of time checking them out recently, still, I'd imagine it must be out there somewhere.

Saints Row (the Third at least) is filled with both referrences and half-an-hour-jokes.
It's just that the references were almost hidden and not central to any key joke, and the jokes that hung around were so over the top that every couple minutes you'd ask yourself "What the fuck am I doing?", laugh a bit and keep on enjoying it.

For example, in the Stag Party mission--where you lure a bunch over stag soldiers to attack your crib--there's an objective where you have to throw molotovs at posters Stag had put up that said "Mission Accomplished" on them. You could take that as "Oh Ok" or "Yeah! Fuck you Bush!"

The dialogue in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold game for Wii was pretty clever at times. But that's most likely the influence of the show its based on, itself a loving homage to the 60s Adam West Batman series.

I was thinking of that game while reading this article. The game action itself was a button mash with no consequences for playing badly but the dialog and set design was pretty cool.

I totally agree with the perspective of the article. Some of my favorite game experiences have been with titles like MDK, MDK: Armageddon,Odd World, Earthworm Jim, Ratchet and Clank, etcetera. A lot of it was the humor, it made it fun and memorable.

I don't believe that noone has brought up Yahtzee's own recommendation from way back:


Genuinely funny throughout. Furthermore, the humour was present in the characters, the level design and the gameplay. Lastly it still succeeded as a game. There may have been a couple issues with the platforming, but overall it was very playable and would have still been fun without any jokes in it.

Personally I'm a little fed up with dour villains. There's a reason why Hans Gruber (of "Die Hard") is such a classic villain, whereas that bloke played by James Woods in "The Specialist" is not. I don't think Woods ever cracks a smile in that movie.

Having said that though... while I think Yahtzee is right if the humour is done WELL, there's absolutely nothing worse than being forced to spend your time with a person or character who thinks they're funnier than they are.

I have to ask what Yahtzee thought of GLaDOS in Portal & Portal 2.

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