Trailers: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire Trailer

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire Trailer

I could have been a father but I took an arrow to the scrotum and had to adopt.

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Trophies and fish!

My life as a Dovahkiin will soon be complete!

I might download this like... a good while from now. There is so much to play in the coming months, sorry Skyrim.

If I were married to Aela, I wouldn't even have to consider adoption. Bow chicka bow wow. Also, how do you break it to your kids that both their parents are werewolves?

Seriously, though... last thing I would have wanted them to add to Skyrim.

I might download this like... a good while from now. There is so much to play in the coming months, sorry Skyrim.

That's probably for the best. It might actually work by then.
I foresee all sorts of glitches and problems users will have with this.

At least this is one PC players wont miss.

I kinda like this, the only thing I'm sceptical of is the variety in houses that will be avaliable. Will it just be small house, medium house, large house, will I get to pick the style, can I pick between wooden walls or stone walls? Things like that.

This is a cool addition, but one I feel would've fit the game better as part of the original game at launch, with perhaps additional features to it coming later on.

Harvest Moon meets Skyrim?


If it's $10 or less I'll consider it. I'm not shelling out $15 for a first person version of The Sims.

I wonder if you can be the Pied Piper and get an army of children.

I get much more of a Sims vibe from this add-on than I do Harvest Moon, which is unfortunate. Also, is this Bethesda's way of telling us that they're out of ideas for this IP already? That's even more unfortunate.

I'll pass on this DLC. Hurry up with the next Fallout, guys.

...Can you discipline the children? A few smacks to the face From gloves of the pugilist and I doubt they'd be too annoying. Unconscious is far less annoying!

Anyways, I'm gonna have SOOOO many mounted Mudcrabs

X-live? What about us PC players? Where is our share of goodness? No love for PC players?

Where is our Marrowind Expansion?

Sure, it's fun for the console people, but what about a DLC that does something we modders haven't done already?

Didn't buy Dawnguard, not buying this. Hell, I'm playing on PC, I definitely don't need this. I have more free custom mods made by the community installed that are higher in quality than both of these DLC packages combined. AND my game looks and runs better than the console versions.

But they don't really hurt for our money, they cash in just fine on the Xbox owners. They'd have to make the most extravagant and feature-packed expansion of things that we can't or haven't modded ourselves to get me to cough up any more dough.


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