Feed Dump: Phone Snooping

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Jer, the man with the terrifyingly large eyes.

Also, Tally and Jer make it awesome. I was getting worried about the lack of D&D until the end. Thank you for coming through.

Additionally, wow pinterest. I am not certain, but I thought they were still making catalogues for department stores. Also, the cuteness factor is actually surprisingly low relative to my expectations from Tally. TL;DR: Pinterest = Skirts and sheets not kittens, puppies, or foals; or why I decided it was time to update my bedroom.

I am actually incapable of peeing while sitting down, this comes in handy on long car trips.

I sit down to pee anyway. It's much more comfortable, and I get to read a little while I do it.

How long does it take you to pee?!

A couple of minutes. I don't mean read a chapter of my book or anything, just like a magazine.

On a side note, Jer, those are the largest glasses I have ever seen in my life. Kudos.

You've never seen the Queen? Her glasses are just getting bigger and bigger and bigger, she's becoming an owl, soon her glasses will be bigger than her body. ...and she will light many fires.

I like my women like I like my coffee, COVERED IN BEES!

Two Eddie Izzard references in a row ladies and gentlemen!

Bees, you say?


More bee gifs than I thought.

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