Trailers: Far Cry 3 - Island Survival Guide Part One

Far Cry 3 - Island Survival Guide Part One

Enjoy your time on an island where everything wants to kill you.

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that tiger attack and the resetting of his thumb were pretty damn cool

on the other hand that was just 1 second of the trailer and the rest looked a tad generic, hope i am very wrong

Well, I guess this game at least will finally be able to fulfill my want to say 'clever girl' without any ironic context because of radar clearly showing me where enemies are.

First person Just Cause?[1] Where do I sign up!

[1]I hope

Christ this game looks horrible. It seems like it has no idea what it wants to be.

I suppose it can't be worse than Far Cry 2.

Also "hit you harder than rising gas prices" is the WORST metaphor I have ever heard.

The only survival guide tip you need to know is to hold off buying this until Ubisoft patches out the bugs and actually finishes the game.

Which, just like Far Cry 2, will be never.

The first half sounds like "Lost"


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