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I've never watched any of these before. Are they all as funny?

Are there any ones the rest of you can suggest I watch?

EDIT: I checked the lists and 'Lo and Behold--I have seen one of these before--Snake Oil--I just didn't recognize it from this series.

Silly me.

Having Jeremy be literally every guard(Except for Paul, but that scene required two people obviously) was the PERFECT touch.

Dude, Matt is seriously looking good lately.

Also, I would totally watch this movie. McDebit should make a comeback, or at least get a full-fledged story arc.

Yes please, and it would be better then tranformers

Copper Zen:
I've never watched any of these before. Are they all as funny?

Are there any ones the rest of you can suggest I watch?

This video is flawless.

And suddenly, at least one part of the MGS games makes sense...

Still, I could almost see this working as a full-length feature... maybe a parody.

I summon Jewey McJew Star!

As long as he doesn't label his WMD's with a religious symbol, we got no gripes.

Besides that, numbers are really fucking kewl.

Let's break some shit up, yo!


That was done really well, and it was very funny. I wish this were made into a movie.

Now, this would have been a great opportunity for cooperation with the rocket jump folk.. =)

That was bloody great! Loved it.

Oh God, the stinger was PRICELESS. I don't think I clapped enough for that trailer.

If this became a movie, I'd watch it. It looks more hilarious than any action movie they showed in theaters.

Yep I'd watch this movie too. Great work guys.

...Room for a Sequel Trailer?

This should so be a movie.

Man, accountants are badass!!

Surely this will be a double feature on MAN.

I would watch the hell out of this movie.

Man, Jer's agent is awesome. He secured the role of Every Henchman in the credits. Maybe it's a clone gig? That's money in the bank, right there.

I would totally watch this movie. It's bound to be rife with great puns and terrible one-liners, and the green visor being a part of his identity and working with all of his disguises and setups strikes me of something Simon Pegg and Nic Frost might pull off. Someone make this happen.

Nice to see Paul is still as insightful as ever.

This video was hilarious. A lot of great one-liners that make accounting ALMOST exciting and I would totally see this movie. Please make it!

LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like, if I may, to excessively effuse over the video -- most particularly, one shot in the video.

It's the shot where we see Seth (Matt) in close-up seated on the bench. The camera is slowly dollying to the right, and slides over Graham on the left, approaching from behind, out of focus.

This shot is absolutely perfect. The composition, the pacing, the implied narrative... It's just brilliant, and would not look out of place in any compatibly-themed Hollywood blockbuster. I think you guys have crossed a line here, and have entered in to a new realm of video production and visual storytelling.

Look close. The action sequences are almost ALL taken from the Zack Meatfist video clips from the video MEN. Perhaps it's made by the same studio?

Ha ha, yeah! Not just the exact same moves, but almost all the same LOCATIONS as well. Absolutely inspired, guys. THAT is the perfect way to be self-referential; take notes, Family Guy.

I have 0 debt, and I have never taken a loan.
I use a debit card.

I suppose...

On the matter of why Jer Plays Every Henchman, it's either because the bad guys hire from Oscar's Homogenous Mook Emporium, or because the bad guys are ALSO accountants, and they literally only hired one guy to keep expenses down. Who brings along a buddy to help in one scene. Making Alex just some informant who has principles, dangit! Probably because McDebit was also too cheap to pay.

End of silly overanalysis of joke.

is it weird that i want this to be a feature length film instead of "expandables 2"?

just to throw a wrench in there: "bullets are too expensive" actually was göbels reasoning for moving up from shooting jews to gasing them (he proved it by accounting *dun dun dun*) :-(

This made me smile :) thanks guys

I would watch this... xD Matt is one of my favorite guys here.

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