The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part One

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This video is kinda like a guy, running through the street yelling "I'm not crazy! I'll show you! I'LL SHOW YOU ALL!" lol

So I shouldn't hate it because it's misogynist, I should hate it because it's incompetent? OK, that's fine.

Bob, the entire problem with your video boils down to a single phrase:

"what they're saying, or what they're trying to say"

You're presenting a philosophical argument (interpreting the film according to what the creator intended versus interpreting it according to what it is) as an epistemological one (that we just don't "get it").

The thing is, you're in the minority here. Sure, maybe you have a buddy on the writing staff that can tell you what they were going for and that's your primary basis for your interpretation of the film, but the vast majority of people don't care what Snyder was _trying_ to say, we're looking at what the film is _actually in effect saying_ and judging it based on this. We "get it", but we (I think rightly) interpret the film's pretense of self-analysis as an excuse rather than a reason for the rest of the set-pieces, etc.

I guess if you ran down it line-by-line here's why the majority of us dismiss the various actual and implied interpretations of the movie:

PARODY: No. A Parody involves exaggeration of something, whereas SP is if anything a toned-down version of what you're arguing it "mocks". A toned-down version of exploitation film mechanics makes it a respectful homage, not a parody.

DECONSTRUCTION: Involves illustration of consequences in a literary context that usually lacks such consequences. Since, again, exploitation film usually has _more_ consequences and is _more_ depressing, how about no.

GENUINE STATEMENT THAT THE AUDIENCE ARE BAD: No. Just... no. The broader context of the director's work includes 300 and Watchmen and an upcoming superman movie, Snyder wouldn't know genuine irony if it smacked him in the face with a 50-lb halibut. He's clearly totally down with nerds' viewing preferences.

I liked the movie. It wasn't great, but it was good. The man behind it made 300, so I figured that it'd be worth the watch.

Didn't get the whole subtext you pointed out, Mr Snyder does tend to put people representing the polar ends of a particular trope in as characters, so the subtlety was lost on me there. In hindsight it makes sense.

This movie is the very definition of pretentious, not much more can be said about it, sorry.

Although I would imagine the majority watched it for these reasons

Normally, I would have been with you for those exact same sentiments, but honestly I'm tired of action movies with little to no integrity (by that I mean what happened to classically trained martial artists - as opposed to pretty Hollywood girls being given 2 months of Cinematic wushu). Any half-brained google search can lead to thighs and cleavage. But if a movie is being billed as incorporating martial arts, then (I would hope) it would have authentic practitioners *cough*Matrix*cough, cough*.

These were mainly the reasons I didn't want to see Suckerpunch. I'm tired of pretty non-fighting girls doing fighting movies. (Charlies Angels, Kill Bills, Azumi etc etc)
I can guarantee you that they don't know the difference between a tachi and a katana and a B-25 Mitchell before reading the script (Aya may be excused from that). While I pulled that facts of that last statement right out my ass, i'd bet my lunch and my fancy hat that it would be true more often than not.
I love the arms and armour of feudal Japan, I'm just also tired of them being whored out when ever a director needs a double-dose of bad-assery. I distinctly remember feeling detraction from the film trailer for the same reason i feel detraction to anime that tries to do the same thing, what with the Nihonjin schoolgirl outfits being is juxtapositioned to 'stimulating' sexually suggestive sequences and action. Gag reflex suppression.

In other news, the fights in Haywire were ok. Thank goodness for Donny Yen. Me and my Sanjuro avatar are going to go watch Fighter in the Wind, but join me next week as i rant about the 'Behind the editing room door "Slow Motion" button abuse'.

I watched it for the pretty visuals
I liked it
didn't overthink it beyond "fight for yourself"

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