An Escapist Farewell

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Goodnight sweet prince.
Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

Because... Butts.... get it? I'll go over there now...

Caramel Frappe:

Steve Butts:
An Escapist Farewell

Our Editor in Chief bids farewell.

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.. .. Wow, where to start. I want this to be significant so i'll just do my best posting.

There's a lot I have you to thank for. Those fun quizzes you've developed for us,

Actually, Paul writes all the quizzes.


I hate seeing a staff member go, but I guess when you have to go you have to go. :(

Happy trails dude, and I hope that wherever you land you do many awesome things there like you did here.


You really know how to make a guy feel loved. I'm humbled by this outpouring of support and promise to create as much trouble for the mods as possible.

I will sincerely miss chuckling like a 4 year old every time I see your name. Good luck Mr Butts.

Awww. Well, I'll miss you. Good luck on your future endeavors. And I give you either my congratulations, or my condolences, for whatever private matter it was that forced you to quit.

Awww. We'll miss you.

Best of luck to you, Steve! It's been a pleasure working with you, and I'm sure there are great things in your future.

Well, every good things do come to an end. Good luck in life.

This really is disappointing. It feels like so much has changed in just the short time you've been EIC. It's sad to see you go.

We won't forget about you, Steve. Promise.

Sad to see you go, Steve. I think I'll miss the slightly awkward but always appreciated man-hugs the most.


<waves goodbye with tears>

It's been a pleasure having you around Steve. I'm gonna miss those reviews and articles of yours.

I hope life treats you well on whatever path you take next.

First Russ, and now Steve. Goodbye fine man.

*single tear of manliness slides down cheek*

Goodbye Mr. Butts and good luck with your life adventures. Remember, roll your d20 to check for traps regularly.

EDIT: I am glad to see that Susan is the one to take up the mantle though.

Wow, already?? :( I feel like you became EIC just last month! You'll be missed, Mr. Butts. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Amazing turnaround for this website over the past year, sad to see you go, Cap :(

Thank you, and all of the other staff members, for making this website such a joy to visit.

We bid you a farewell and happy travels.

Sincerely, all of us Escapians.

Good luck with whatever you move on to, Steve.
Your work in keeping this site running has been greatly appreciated.

That was beautifully said. If you'll excuse me, I think I have something in my eye.

Well, so long Mr. Butts. You've done a fantastic job this past year, it's sad to see you go. Good luck in your future endeavours. And to Miss Arendt, congratulations. A great choice, I'm sure you'll do us proud.

Susan Arendt:

Aw man, this sucks! I hate to see my fellow Dr. Strange fan leave. I will miss giggling every time I hear you say "I'm Steve Butts" at the beginning of your game reviews :P

It feels like it was just yesterday that we were saying the same goodbye to Russ.

Well, guess it's time to start speculating who the next EIC will be. I vote Nasrin's cat.

I'll be taking over as Executive Editor.

Guess ever cloud does have it's silver lining, with you as EE I know the Escapist will continue to be the quality site I've known it to be since I first arrived way back when.

But still quite sad to see you go Steve, under your watch I could always trust the content on the Escapist to be truthful, educational, and damn entertaining. I know that with your ability you will find success where ever your future will take you, just remember us fondly as you continue your quest for world domination.

P.S. Can Nasrin's cat be the vice-editor-in-chief? I fear the Escapist is vastly under underutilizing the little fluff ball.

As the newest Escapist staff member I didn't get to talk much to you Steve, but I sure will miss your genuine "Hey Jose, How are you doing?" I got every time I saw you, as well as hearing you on the podca(s)ts I frantically caught up on. Best of luck my friend.

Farewell and best of luck.

May the God Emperor grant you protection wherever your path leads next Comrade Captain. I'll leave you a few minutes to say farewell to your old helm.


You'd better come on the podcast once in a while or I'll be even more sad.

What can I say but,

Best of luck in your future endeavours!

Aw man, a familiar face/voice gone. People seem to be posting songs in tribute so here's one I guarantee no one else on this site has heard

And by way of penance for acting like a dirty hipster I'm going to go out and buy a pub club membership to commemorate this occasion. Plus it means I don't have to put up with the single aussie relevant advertisement that gets a 2 month long showing time. Those Neutrogena fashion advice girls who were on a year ago could put me in a catatonic state of boredom.

So yeah, have $20 Steve!

Steve Butts:
...and promise to create as much trouble for the mods as possible.

In return we will gladly cause you as much trouble as we can! ;)


Farewell and good luck.

Woah, that's a bolt out of the blue.

Well, farewell Steve, and the best of luck in your newest pursuits.

Woah, that's kinda sudden. Still, good luck to you man!


I salute you, you wonderful man.

Though you shall be far away our thoughts will follow to the end of the earth.

One by one, the heroes fall T^T

I'll be sad to see you go Mr Butts. Thank you for all the hard work you've put in.
Good luck in the future.

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